Bears vs Packers: Final Game Grades & Player Analysis for Chicago

Ross Read@@RossReadContributor IIISeptember 13, 2012

Bears vs Packers: Final Game Grades & Player Analysis for Chicago

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    The Bears might want to burn the tape after watching what happened in week two. Jay Cutler was sacked seven times, including 3.5 times by Clay Matthews, as the Packers defeated the Bears 23-10. 

    The defense did all they could sacking Aaron Rodgers five times and causing two Packer turnovers, but they were not helped out by the poor offensive line play and Cutler being picked off four times. 

    Brandon Marshall had only two catches the whole game and dropped a key touchdown. Matt Forte left the game with an ankle injury, while tight end Kellen Davis caught the only touchdown for the Bears on a 21-yard strike from Cutler. 


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    Jay Cutler: F

    Cutler's struggles continue in Green Bay as he threw four more interceptions Thursday night. He was under duress the whole game, but some of his throws were still inexcusable. 

    The body language and yelling at the left tackle doesn't matter. Most quarterbacks would get frustrated in the same position but panicking and resorting to passes off your back foot can not happen.

    Regardless of the situation, you can not allow poor mechanics and decision making to ever take control on the football field. 

    Cutler finished the game with less than 50 percent completion rate and a quarterback rating of 28.2. It will be back to the drawing board as what happened against the Colts now seems so long ago.  

Running Backs

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    Matt Forte: C

    Forte only had 31 yards on seven rushes, but that was still good for a respectable 4.4 yards per rush. He also had four catches for 49 yards, but left the game with an ankle injury. The injury was not his fault as Charles Woodson rolled on Forte's ankle, but injury problems are beginning to follow Forte and he has to show he can stay on the field. 

    Michael Bush: C-

    Bush came in and provided a slight jolt when Forte left when he was hurt but slowed down somewhat as he gained more carries. He finished with 54 yards on 14 carries against a team that was burned for over 180 yards on the ground the week before. 

Wide Receivers

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    Brandon Marshall: D

    Marshall had a huge drop in the end zone at a point when that would have got the team back into the game. He finished the game with only two catches and struggled to get open against a Packers defensive secondary who really shouldn't scare too many elite receivers. 

    Alshon Jeffery: D

    Like Marshall, Jeffery was not able to get open. His size should have provided a solid target for Cutler when he was under pressure but the rookie was not able to work back to the football all game. He finished with only one catch for seven yards. 

    Earl Bennett: D

    Add Bennett to the list of not helping his quarterback. One of Cutler's interceptions was directly on Bennett who hung the quarterback out to dry, not fighting or working back to the football. He finished with two catches on six targets. 

    Devin Hester: F

    Hester just seems lost on offense. No catches and only one target for a guy who should have a handful of grabs a game just on his speed alone. If he continues to play like this, the Bears should strongly consider keeping him on special teams alone and giving somebody else a shot on offense. 

Tight Ends

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    Kellen Davis: D-

    Early on, he blew blocks and, later on, he dropped passes. He was able to catch the Bears only touchdown, but by then it was too little too late. Not a good start to the season for Davis who was once considered a break out player. 

    Matt Spaeth: D

    Spaeth continues to be just another guy you don't even remember. Not his fault, the problem is the league has become very tight end oriented when it comes to catching the football and there really isn't much of a place for his skill set anymore. Not to mention when your quarterback gets killed all night, then what is the point of the blocking tight end? 

Offensive Line

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    J'Marcus Webb: F

    Webb Nation should have its residents seeking new citizenship elsewhere. There is nothing else to say except he was flat out terrible. He was torched by Clay Matthews the whole night, his name was mentioned too many times for poor play on the national broadcast and was caught smiling as his quarterback was yelling at him walking back to the sideline. 

    Chris Spencer: F

    If it wasn't for Webb, then we would be talking about how bad Spencer was. Matthews didn't just come off the edge, he found his way through the middle around Spencer's zone. He was ineffective in the running game and did nothing to protect his quarterback. 

    Roberto Garza: F

    Whatever instructions Garza was shouting out on the field couldn't get have been the right ones. He did a poor job reading the coverage and was not prepared for what the Packers brought the whole night. 

    Lance Louis: F

    Louis was a part of the hole protection throughout the game. There was just as much pressure coming up the middle as there was from the edge.

    Gabe Carimi: F

    Carimi did nothing to help his quarterback and did nothing to open holes for the running game. What he did do was get a costly penalty at a point when the Bears were finally driving and still in the game.  

Defensive Line

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    Julius Peppers: B+

    Peppers came to play tonight—grabbing two sacks. He provided good edge rush, but was swallowed up sometimes when moved to the inside. 

    Shea McClellin: B

    The rookie showed he is a pure pass rusher as he had 1.5 sacks and two hits on the quarterback. Still can't stop the run, but right now, when his role is primarily on passing downs, he did his job. 

    Henry Melton: A-

    The only defensive lineman who consistently shut down the run was Melton. Add to that his superior pass rushing skills, and he continues to be one of the best players on the Bears defense early on. 

    Israel Idonije: C-

    Again another ho hum game for Idonije. He can't really get to the quarterback and doesn't do much in stopping the run. At this point, he's good for a couple tackles a game. Nothing more and nothing less. 

    Stephen Paea: D

    Would have liked to see more from Paea in shutting down the run. Cedric Benson was able to get too much of a push up the middle and that falls on Paea who should have been able to shut that down. 


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    Brian Urlacher: B

    Urlacher is not 100 percent and it is obvious. Still, he made plays that went unnoticed by most. He was valuable in stuffing the run making a couple key stops and blowing up John Kuhn and Cedric Benson a couple times. 

    Lance Briggs: C-

    Briggs has to make that interception. It was a key point in the game and a play he usually makes. He still led the team in tackles with 10. 

    Nick Roach: D

    Roach was not as active as he should have been in shutting down the run. Right now with Urlacher not being able to move that well Roach needs to rely more on his speed and instincts and he did not do a good job doing so. 

Defensive Backs

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    Tim Jennings: A-

    Jennings continues his resurgence and creating turnovers. He was active the whole night on the field and really stuck his nose in a couple plays making some physical hits. 

    Charles Tillman: B

    Tillman gutted it out through an injury, even getting one of his patented ball punches. His immobility was covered up with a lot of zone play, but he was still able to provide a spark on defense. 

    D.J. Moore: C

    No glaring mistakes by Moore tonight. He didn't make any game changing plays, but, then again, there wasn't much to be made in his area.

    Major Wright: C-

    Wright could have been more physical in stopping some of Cedric Benson's runs and catches out of the backfield. His zone play was shaky, as well, allowing some key plays underneath and some plays that could have been big up top if it wasn't for a couple Packers drop balls. 

    Chris Conte: C-

    Like Wright Conte did not get good depth at times in the Cover 2. The Bears were lucky Rogers did not have four touchdowns because Jordy Nelson and James Jones dropped two touchdown passes due to a lack of safety depth. 

Special Teams

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    Devin Hester: D

    Hester was not able to shake loose and almost fumbled a punt return. A couple times he was seen visibly frustrated allowing a couple Packers players to get in his head after a few returns. 

    Robbie Gould: B+

    Like usual when Gould gets his chance he comes through. He connected on his one field goal attempt.

    Adam Podlesh: C-

    Podlesh was busy with six punts and while he racked up the yards he failed to really pin the Packers deep especially early on when the two teams traded field position. 

    Field Goal Block: F

    The Tim Masthay to Tom Crabtree connection was inexcusable. The group obviously fell asleep on what figured to be the biggest play of the game. 


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    Lovie Smith: F

    Smith has now lost five in a row to the Green Bay Packers. His team was not prepared for a short week and he allowed his team to get distracted and not execute the whole game long. The Cutler comments in the media about the Packers secondary falls on the head coach as well. 

    Mike Tice: F

    Was that Mike Tice or Mike Martz calling plays? The line was terrible, the running game was not established early and the team's biggest offensive weapons were nonexistent. For the second game in a row, the team started slow but this time they stayed that way. 

    Rod Marinelli: B

    The only group ready to go was the defense. Marinelli had his defensive line pumped up and ready to go. He was able to disguise Brian Urlacher and Charles Tillman pretty well knowing the two were banged up. The defense was the only bright spot and kept the team in the game as long as they could. 

    Dave Toub: D

    Right now, this is not the special teams we know. The kickoff coverage has been average at best, and the Bears are the ones who are supposed to score on special teams not the opposition.