An Open Letter to Mike Francesa

danny perezContributor IMarch 3, 2009

Hey Mike,

You miserable rat bastard! Are you that sour of a Yankee fan, to want to call out Wright in the media? Did the A-Roid revelation boost your sourness? We know it’s tough for even the biggest Yankee fan like you to accept, especially when Wright gets all the love in town.

At the end of the day, you should count your lucky stars that Wright is mature enough to take the high road and agree to come on your show.

Really, who do you think you are? Did you think that on-air whining about getting snubbed by David Wright was going to change anyone’s perception of his squeaky clean image. Who do you think you're kidding?

I honestly thought you'd be smarter than that, to pick on David Wright, the most stand-up player in the MLB right now and the face of baseball. I’m confused at what your intentions were there.

And for the record, Wright has every reason to not want to waste any of his time on you and your garbage show. If you were really are impartial as you claim you are, Wright would have no issues ever going on your show. But you must be smoking something funny to even think you are a fair square.

If your argument had any merit, I’d give you the benefit of the doubt. But you’re almost putting Wright in the same category as A-Roid when discussing the inability to hit in the clutch, so I don't blame him.

Oh right I’m still on the line, you can’t press your little button and hang up on me like you do your callers now can you Mike? Sucks for you. That little button must be cool, especially the way you cut off callers that challenge your one-track mind with legitimate claims and solid insight. It’s a shame because if it weren’t for your cockiness, stubbornness, and your inability to be objective, you’d probably have a decent show.

Your my-way-or-the-dialtone on-air dictatorship fools no one, especially not us Mets fans. We're not stupid, just sick of your tired act.

Mike, here's the way we look at it, one down and one to go. The Dog is gone and sooner or later your next, especially if you continue feeding us this crap. For me it’s been a while, I don’t even listen anymore. Thanks to you, I've broadened my horizons and found other more entertaining, insightful sports talk hosts.

You’d be surprised at how good these other guys are on that other station, 1050. For one, the other two Mike’s are tearing up the sports airwaves, and you’re kind of falling into the background. They have these other guys too, Max Kellerman, Tirico & Van Pelt, Michael Tierney, all who provide better insight and coverage on our beloved Mets. And I hate to say it, I used to rag on Michael Kay, the ultimate Yankee fan, but even he does a better job on the Mets than you, which is sad.

Please continue letting your disdain for the Mets cloud your judgment, as the crazier you get, the quicker our radio waves will be clear of your smut.

Can't stand you,
—Mets fans

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