WWE Night of Champions 2012: Why Kane and Bryan Must Defeat Kofi and R-Truth

Jonathan BonesFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2012

Image: wrestling123.org
Image: wrestling123.org

Kane and Daniel Bryan must defeat Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at Sunday's Night of Champions for the sake of better entertainment, more memorable wrestling and to lead to a better and more competitive tag team division.

Kofi and Truth's reign has been mediocre, in spite of them being great wrestlers. And it's this mediocrity despite their individual skill that illustrates how there's far more more to good tag team wrestling than just pairing two good wrestlers.

There's no exact science as to what makes a good tag team, but the main commonality between the best and most memorable is chemistry both outside and inside of the ring. Outside the ring, combined promos and complementary characters and gimmicks make for the best backstage interviews and skits. How well two characters play off of each other mean a promo can raise laughs or be memorable, or else just pass by unnoticed.

Inside the ring, quality tag teaming can be shown by the level of co-operation between the team, how well their styles complement and how they makes save for each other, and if they have combined moves or finishers.

This doesn't necessarily mean they have to individually be terrific wrestlers either. For example, the Dudley Boyz may not have been the best wrestlers, but as a team they'll be remembered among the greatsthe 3D and yells of "Get the tables!" are fondly remembered to this day.

This chemistry is created by working together for a time, and this is why Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, who were just thrown together and almost immediately captured the titles, are lacking it. Nor will all teams necessarily have it, and that's why some time working together is necessary to establish a team before they compete at the top of the division.

This may seem to beg the question of how Kane and Daniel Bryan, who have so far only had one match as a team, would be any better. What they have most distinctively that the current champions lack is a team gimmick, that of their anger management and inability to get on.

This is instantly more interesting than Kofi and Truth, who have nothing in commonand to have Kane and Bryan's hugely well-received backstage skits carry on with them as champions is a much more exciting proposition than another month of R-Truth doing his Little Jimmy schtick while Kofi stands there grinning and practically surplus to requirements.

What really can spell a low point for a tag division is that the champions are too high up the card and look unbeatable. Edge and Christian, the Hardyz and the Dudley Boyz may have often been putting on the best matches of the night, but individually they hardly seemed to be at even Intercontinental level at the time. It's this that can make other teams capturing the tag titles seem believable and keep excitement and unpredictability within the division.

While neither are former world champions, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston are high level enough to have been selected as Elimination Chamber combatants, and R-Truth challenged for the WWE belt at a pay-per-view last year. Realistically, it doesn't seem like they could be beaten by The Prime Time Players or Epico and Primo, and nor by any other traditional up and coming tag team either.

While this problem may seemingly be made all the worse should Kane and Daniel Bryantwo former world championswin on Sunday, their gimmick of not getting on provides an obvious method of their dropping the belts to an up-and-coming team eventually while retaining credibility. In the meantime, they'll be much more entertaining than the current champions.

The tag team division has been stale for a long time, and Kofi Kingston and R-Truth dropping the titles to a far more entertaining team in Kane and Daniel Bryan will be a big step in the right direction.