AFC West: Broncos-New Raiders, Raiders-Raiders, San Diego-New Chiefs, Chiefs-?

Ben HubbardContributor IMarch 3, 2009

2009 is going to be an interesting year in the AFC West.  Judging from what we've seen so far this off-season, these are my predictions for the future of the AFC West franchises.  Like any good psychic I will state mostly obvious generalizations and hopefully some of you suckers will buy what I say.

Broncos: The Broncos are quickly becoming Oakland East.  Josh McDaniels- young unproven coach, check.  Bitchy players that want to be traded, check.  Troubled wide receivers, check.  Sign veteran safety from NFC East team, check. A buttload of free agents, check.  Hmm, all sounds a little too familiar doesn't it? 

Oakland: At this point there isn't much to say.  I think we all feel bad for Al Davis.  Watching him run a modern franchise is like watching your grandpa trying figure out how to work a new cell phone.  You just push the damn green button!

San Diego: New Kansas City?  All I know is the more I see AJ Smith's smug face, the more it reminds me of Carl Peterson.  Not to mention the presence of Norv Turner.  You start with Marty Schottenheimer and eventually get around to hiring a coach with a proven record of failure.

The Chargers just got to that point more quickly than the Chiefs.  The Chargers have been the most talented team in this division for years.  It just seems like the leadership of this franchise is leading the team in the exact wrong direction. 

Kansas City: Who the hell knows?  You don't know how much of New England's success was Belichick and how much was Pioli.  You don't know much about Todd Haley other than he's not a "players coach."

The trade for Cassel and Vrabel appears to be a good deal, but who the hell knows?  Cassel is a guy that has only started for one year in the NFL and he is scheduled to earn 14.5 mil in 2009. 

Long term, I would feel best about who the hell knows.