NBA: MVP Candidates As The NBA Season Reaches The Homestretch

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IMarch 16, 2008

Well with the NBA in the stretch run towards the playoffs its that time that all analysts out there predict there regular season NBA MVP, here are my candidates for MVP as well as my prediction for who will ultimately come away as the MVP of the league.

My prediction for MVP is:

Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

Now many of you are wondering how could it be someone from the Eastern Conference, but let me tell you if Cleveland did not have Lebron they might be battling for the lottery in the upcoming draft.

Lebron has elevated his game to another level this season and has become the player that is able to take over a game in the fourth quarter when it matters most.

Lebron on his own has won Cleveland 10 games in the fourth quarter.  Its this type of player that should be an MVP.

In my eyes, the award should go to somebody who is the Most Valuable to his team and Lebron is definitely that for Cleveland.

My Other Nominees From 2nd To 5th:

Kobe Bryant - LA Lakers

Not much else to say about this guy. 

He is the best player in the game right now currently but I dont have him as my MVP because I still think Lebron still means more to the Cavs then Kobe is to the Lakers, especially with Gasol, Odom and Bynum there.

Kobe is in the position where every year is the exact same, he is that consistent.  Only problem is I dont know when he will win an MVP because of that consistency, that might be the problem.

Tracy Mcgrady - Houston Rockets

If this was 22 games ago, T-Mac would not be in the MVP talk, but since the 22 game win streak and Yao going down with a season ending injury, Mcgrady has stepped up and proven he is a great leader.

Next step is to see whether or not he can get over the hump in the playoffs and actually win a playoff series.

Chris Paul - New Orleans Hornets

Chris Paul is the new Steve Nash, he can score whenever he wants and passes the ball extremely well.

New Orleans knew what they were doing when they drafted this kid. He is the real deal, and will win an MVP more then once before his career comes to an end. He is the main reason the Hornets are in a race for the top seed in the West. 

His leadership on and off the court has guided this team from one of the worst records last year to a total reversal this season.

Baron Davis - Golden State Warriors

Davis is my surprise choice in this race.  Without him, the Warriors would not be in the eighth spot or even in the playoff hunt in the West.

Davis, much like Paul, has amazing leadership and a never say die attitude and this guy was somehow left off the Western Conference All-Star team this year. 

He is tough and versatile, and the main reason the Warrios upset Dallas in last year's playoffs.

If the Warriors get the 8th seed again it wouldnt surprise me to see a rerun of last year in them defeating the #1 seed.  If Davis plays at an All-NBA level like he has been, it is definitely possible.

Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic

Another surprise pick here, but Howard is the 2nd coming of Shaq. 

He may not be as tall but he is huge. 14.5 rpg is incredible to go along with 22+ ppg, you could argue that the MVP of the Magic is Turkoglu but Howard is man in the middle that the offense runs through.

Who would've thought in such a short time he would be able to take over the Eastern Conference for Centers, many people might say Bynum is more skilled but I feel when its all said and done Dwight Howard will be remembered as a better Center then Bynum ever was. He may be in the Eastern Conference but he is a beast.

Other nominees 6-8:

Amare Stoudemire - Phoenix Suns

Kevin Garnett - Boston Celtics

Chauncey Billups - Detroit Pistons