Miami Dolphins: Matt Ryan is the Quarterback of the Future

Marshall CupelliContributor IMarch 16, 2008

With the first overall pick in the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins need their Quarterback of the future and Matt Ryan is the obvious pick.

What do the New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have in common?

They all have franchise quarterbacks and each has won a Super Bowl in the last three years. It has been proven over the past decade that in order to be a contender for the "big one" in February you need a franchise quarterback leading your team.

Inconsistency at the game's most criticized position can and will kill a team. Just look at the starting quarterbacks for the Miami Dolphins after Dan Marino retired before the 2000 season.

  1. Jay Fiedler
  2. Ray Lucas
  3. Brian Griese
  4. A.J. Feeley
  5. Sage Rosenfels
  6. Gus Frerotte
  7. Daunte Culpepper
  8. Joey Harrington
  9. Cleo Lemon
  10. Trent Green
  11. John Beck

That is eleven starters in seven dreadful years.

You can not expect to even get to the playoffs with inconsistent play from numerous quarterbacks. You need the corner stone and leader of your offense, for his teammates and your players to look to in game situations.

With the first overall pick in the NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins have no choice but to take Matt Ryan.

A Quarterback like Ryan is needed badly for a franchise that has been hurt by inconsistency and a lack of a leadership. With today’s thin market for quality quarterbacks the only way to get one is through the draft. 

Matt has shown this past year with his arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, and especially his attitude, that he can be a quality starter for many years to come in the NFL.

If you need anymore proof, look at his game against Virginia Tech, where he put together two long fourth quarter drives on the way to victory. It takes that mental toughness to make it in the NFL and the Dolphins are in need of the NFL’s toughest position and would be foolish to pass it up.