Is It Even Possible To Give Jay Cutler Want He Wants?

alton rexCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Let me get this straight...Denver's QB reportedly reacted to the recent firing of his QB Coach Jeremy Bates by demanding a trade. Then, last weekend, the new brain trust in Denver tried to accommodate his request, and now he's mad at them?

And they say Jake Plummer has snakes in his head!

I guess folks just aren't really paying attention. In Denver we have McDaniels feeding rats to the snakes in Cutler's head, in KC Haley is giving their pro-bowl left guard Brian Waters a clothesline tackle, and in Cleveland the Manginius just banished Kellen Winslow off to Tampa Bay.

Does anyone really think all of these events are not by design?

How about last year? Bill Parcells didn't just dump Jason Taylor on the 'Skins for two draft picks—he also sent locker room leader and longtime fan favorite Zack Thomas packing.

It's pretty plain the Parcells/Belichick school of coaching says the first thing a coach has to do is firmly establish who's in charge and nothing works better with players than uncertainty and fear.

If you need to run off a couple of guys to get control, that's simply a necessary expense regardless of how much those guys are loved or how well they can play.

You cannot have them undermining your authority or marginalizing your program changes with their popularity or presence. At the end of the day, nothing motivates the modern NFL player better than fear and loss of income.

Players know how hard it is to get paid the maximum contracts once they've been painted by any coach as a malcontent. I suspect we will hear far less from the likes of Larry Johnson and Jay Cutler from here on out. And to my mind, this is a very good thing.