Night of Champions 2012: WWE's Future Direction Hangs in the Balance

The EndAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2012

John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship

No doubt about it, this match is the star of the show. In a match that puts the "Face of the WWE" against the "Best Wrestler in the World" the greatest prize in the business is on the line. These are the two top guys in the company at the moment.

Their storyline is something which shifts around in substance, but the core has held for the past year. Cena says he worked his way to the top, Punk says it was handed to him on a platter. Punk claims to be the "Voice of the Voiceless," Cena says Punk is only in it for himself. Each claims the other is a phony.

Punk and Cena attract different demographics. Among women and children, Cena reigns supreme. Among the Internet fans and the young adult males (which are mostly the same group), Punk is the savior of wrestling. While Punk has been "turned heel" to make it more of a good vs evil story, a lot of the fans want to simply see which superstar the WWE has faith in.

That is the story within the story. Who does WWE trust as the top guy? Will Cena take the championship he designed and continue to run the show? Or, will Punk defeat Cena and finally become the main-event champion? Or, will there be a shady ending that does not eliminate the claims of either superstar?

Yet, Cena and Punk are not the entire story in themselves. There is the chance of interference from almost anyone—Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, The Rock, Triple H—which adds further intrigue to the entire situation. Each of these men has stories with the competitors in the main event. Each person would have a different motive for interfering. And, each man's interference would take the story in a different path.

The main event of WWE Night of Champions is an important fixture that decides where the WWE goes with its top storylines heading towards the Royal Rumble and the subsequent "Road to WrestleMania." It is only fitting that it involves the two biggest stars in the company at the moment.

Where does your allegiance lie?