Buffalo Bills Look To Fill Many Holes This Offseason

jayCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

This past weekend, Thurman Thomas attended a  fundraising event, during which he was asked a number of questions about his take on football.

One interesting response by Thomas was, "The team I can't stomach to watch the most is probably the Buffalo Bills, I'm serious, they stink." 

This coming from Thurman, the Bills Hall of Fame running back.

Being a season ticket holder, I think I'm forced to agree with him. But the question is, how do the Bills get better?

With so many holes to fill, one would question where Tom Modrak, the Bills acting general manager, should start?

To start, the Bills need severe help on the D-line. In eight of their games, the Bills "D" allowed their opponents to score on their opening drive, which is completely unacceptable considering most teams like to script their first 15 plays.

The linebacker core seemed to underachieve as well, as free agent pick-up Kawika Mitchell quite often looked out of position and played uninspired ball.

The Bills also ranked 27th in turnover ratio.

It seemed as though throughout last year, when the Bills actually blitzed, it worked. But Jauron, being the defensive head coach that he is, did not utilize much of an attack defense as we were told we would see.

Offensively, the Bills need a go-to tight end, as many teams do. But in the past couple years, teams have traded, or have been willing to trade, tight ends quite often.

The Bills had a chance at Tony Gonzalez, the Bucs only gave up a second and fifth round draft pick for Kellen Winslow, and the Giants moved Jeremy Shockey as well.

Now the Bills have holes on the offensive line, filling one spot with a backup center in Geoff Hangartner.

At least for Bills fans, J.P. Losman is gone and Ryan Fitzpatrick can take the role of filling in when Trent Edwards goes down. And chances are Bills fans will have to sit through more of Jason Peters holding out again—he is still looking for a long-term contract.

Personally, I would like to see the Bills sign Lauvernues Coles to take some pressure off Lee Evans, and pick up a defensive tackle and defensive end.

They've not had much luck filling that position through the draft, so the Bills may actually have to take some chances and move up in the draft to get someone.

The Bills will be celebrating their 50th anniversary as a franchise this season, and as a fan, I would like to see this season mean more than 50 years of mediocrity.

So I plead to Ralph and Bills' management, for all the Buffalo fans, and for Thomas' sake, let's field a team we can all stomach to watch, and get back to enjoying Sundays at the Ralph.