ECW: A New Era Of Extreme (Week Six)

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Hello once again folks, and welcome to an all new exciting edition of ECW!

The week before last we saw RVD get arrested by detectives that worked for Jack Swagger. Later on that evening we saw Tommy Dreamer get dismantled by all of Team Swagger.

Then, on last week's episode, we saw Finlay and Ortiz try to take on Mark Henry and Paul Burchill in a tag match, but thanks to Jack Swagger, the match was canceled.

Then, right after that announcement, Teddy Long made a main event match featuring Team Swagger (minus Jack Swagger) against Finlay, Ortiz, and Dreamer. Later on in the broadcast Dreamer, Finlay, and Ortiz destroyed Team Swagger leaving Swagger all alone for tonight.

The WWE mobile alert that showed Tommy Dreamer being suspended also played.

Now get ready for tonight's shocking episode that will blow you all away. Welcome to ECW: A New Era Of Extreme (Week Six)!!!

The video recap plays everything that I just explained above.

The opening theme song and video plays.

The pyro goes off and we are prepared to experience ECW!

Striker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to an extreme night of ECW action. I'm your knowledgeable host, Matt Striker, and I will soon be joined by my partner that is in the ring right now, Todd Grisham!

Todd: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present to you, an ECW Original, Terry Funk!

(Terry's old ECW theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring.)

Funk: Thank you for that amazing welcome. I'm honored to be back right here in ECW! I've just been informed by Teddy Long that he is starting something special for me and for all of you loyal fans!

Todd: You are 100% correct, sir. Ladies and gentlemen, General Manager, Theodore Long!

(Teddy Long's theme hits and he strolls his way down to the ring with Tiffany on his arm.)

Teddy: Wow! Before I say anything Mr. Funk, let me tell you what an honor it is to stand right here in front of an amazing WWE Legend! Mr. Funk I would like to once again personally welcome you back home, to ECW!

(The crowd is popping big for the Legend!)

Funk: Once again Ted I just want to say thank you! Hell, I wanna say thank you to each and every one of these fans! Now, lets get down to business, shall we? You called my agent up and said that you had a special surprise for me and these fans, right? So what's up!?

Teddy: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Terry Funk, and the entire WWE Universe, I have been in talks with the Board of the WWE and I'm proud to say that at the Hall of Fame Ceremony, just 32 days away, a special person will be presenting you, and five more men, into a special ECW wing of the WWE Hall of Fame!

(The crowd has come out of their seats and are chanting, "Thank You Long!")

Teddy: This means that during that night of inductions, a certain someone who won't be revealed until next week will be inducting you, and five more legendary ECW superstars, into a special wing of the WWE Hall of Fame!

So, Mr. Terry Funk, I am proud, honored, and priveldged to say that you are the first inductee into that 2009 Extreme ECW Hall of Fame Class! Congratulations!!!

(Teddy hugs Funk and Grisham is seen applauding him. All of a sudden Jack Swagger's theme hits! He comes strolling to the ring with his title on his shoulder and he doesn't look too happy!)

Swagger: Ladies and jerkoffs let me introduce to you an ECW wrinkled ass, Terry Funk!

(Of course the crowd boos him and he's yelling something to the crowd, but they are just drowning him out.)

Teddy: Now Swagger that was very disrespectful and tasteless for you to do. Because of that, you...

(Swagger hits Teddy Long with his title!)

Funk gets pissed and starts to pound Swagger with right hands. Swagger then falls to his knees in a daze. Funk panders to the live audience, but as soon as he turns around, Swagger low blows him. Swagger then gets up and hits the Third Degree powerbomb on him.

Swagger then goes over to, and gets, the mic again.


Swagger then gets out of the ring and gets a table. He sets it up in the ring and gets Teddy up.

(Here comes Finlay and Ortiz, but out of no where, John Morrison comes out and hits them in their backs with a chair.)

Swagger then hits the Third Degree onto Long through the table!

Morrison leaves and goes to the back as Swagger poses in the ring with his title.

We cut to commercial.

We return with the recap of what just transpired.

Todd: Ladies and gentlemen, I am saddened to report to you that our General Manager has suffered a concussion and some broken ribs at the hands of ECW Champion Jack Swagger.

Striker: I have no earthly idea to why Swagger would want to ruin this brand and the livelihood of our great ECW General Manager. But, on a lighter note, Tiffany is now in charge until a proper new authority has been named.

Morrison's music hits, and along with the limping Miz, comes to the ring. 

Chimel: This match is a handicap match and it is  scheduled for one fall. On their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 450 pounds, John Morrison and The Miz!

Ricky Ortiz's music hits as he comes staggering to the ring; as he is still feeling the effects of the chair shot from earlier.

Handicap Match:

The Miz and John Morrison vs Ricky Ortiz

Morrison looks to be starting off the match against Ortiz. The bout gets underway as Ortiz tries to lock up with Morrison, but he dodges the encounter and kicks Ortiz hard in the back of his knee. Ortiz falls hard and Morrison elbows him right on the nose. He goes for the cover.

1...2...Ortiz kicks out.

Tiffany comes out with the mic in her hand, she looks terrified.

Tiffany: Tonight's match is now changed into an Extreme Rules match!

Swagger comes up behind her and yanks her to the back by her arm.

Morrison and Miz smile at each other. The Miz slowly goes off of the stairs and starts to bring in chairs.

Morrison gets the dazed Ortiz up, and tries to go for his finisher. Oriz low blows him then spears the Miz who has a chair in his hand. Ortiz looks to be getting hyped up. Miz slowly climbs up to his feet into the corner, but Ortiz charges forward and splashes the Miz into the corner.

Miz staggers out and Oritz hits a blackhole slam on the Miz.

He stands up and signals for his finisher. He bounces off of the ropes, but Morrison out of nowhere hits the "Flying Chuck!"

Ortiz goes down.

Morrison then gets him up and hits the "Moonlight Drive"! Just as he's about to go for the cover, he looks at the Wrestlemania 25 logo and points.

He climbs up to the top rope and hits a flying corkscrew splash. He covers Ortiz. 1-2-3! Its over and Oritz is completely out. John Morrison poses in the ring and slowly helps Miz up to his feet.

We cut to Teddy Long's office and Jack Swagger in there sitting on the couch with his feet on the table, in street clothes, and with his title on the table. He is holding a hand full of grapes in one hand and has his other arm around Tiffany.

They are looking at the monitor.

Swagger: That was amazing! You did a good job out there. Goooood girl.

He pulls her in, kisses her on the cheek, and then pats her on the head. He then stands up and leaves. We cut to commercial.   

We return with Swagger standing in the middle of the ring.

Swagger: Ladies and gentlemen, I am your ECW Champion, and the new authority around here. I have some amazing news for ya'll right now! Get ready, cause Team Swagger returns next week! Oh yeah its going to be an amazing night next week, and I want to say one more thing...

(Swagger facial expression changes and he is now looking pissed.)

Swagger: Katie Lea Burchill, get your little ass out here right now!

(Katie's theme hits and she comes out very confident. She stops at the top of the ramp.)

Katie: Before you even speak, my brother and the rest of Team Ass-wipe, deserved every little bit of what happened to them last week. Soon, your time will come, and he will take away your title and your pride! HAHAHA!

Swagger: I've heard about enough of you for one night. I called you out here to inform you that you now have a match tonight, signed by Tiffany just five or six minutes ago, with...

Katie: I don't care who you make me fight, just know that what ever happens to your little vixen in the ring tonight is going to be your fault!

Swagger: I would not call this person a vixen at all, for she is a he! In tonight's main event, you will take on The Boogeyman!

(Boogey's theme hits, but he doesn't come out.)

The lights come back on and both Swagger and Katie looks confused. All of a sudden the music plays again and Boogey comes out from under the ring! He is now standing right behind Swagger!

Katie: I know that last week Teddy had some fun with you, but Boogey is right behind you!

Swagger turns around and gets hit with a "Boogeyslam"! Swagger then rolls out of the ring as fast as he could as knew what was coming next.

Swagger laughs and staggers to his feet after a while.

Swagger: Since the match is already signed, you two must still fight each other. If you don't, since Tiffany has all of the authority, I WILL HAVE THE BOTH OF YOU FIRED RIGHT HERE TONIGHT! HAHAHA!

Katie slowly comes to the ring and the bell sounds.

Swagger gets a chair and enters the ring behind Boogey. He hits Boogey hard with the chair shot and the bell rings disqualifying Katie. Swagger then goes over and grabs Katie by her hair and sets her up for the Third Degree, but Tommy Dreamer's theme hits!

Swagger lets go of Katie and looks like he's prepared to fight. The theme then stops playing, and Swagger is in the ring laughing.

Swagger: I fooled the hell out of all of you, especially you Katie! HAHAHA, don't worry, because this is just the beginning of your living hell! I...

All of a sudden, Finlay gets into the ring behind Swagger with Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle taps the leg of Swagger. he turns around and gets low-blowed by Hornswoggle and then hit hard in the face with the shillelagh!

Swagger rolls back out and holds his chin. Finlay's theme hits and the show goes off the air.


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