Word Life Vol. 21: Rising From The Ashes....Guess Who's Back From Hell?

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2009

There's been one WWE superstar that has been under the radar for quite sometime. He  took Rey Mysterio to hell, which was one heck of a horrible story line. He then one upped himself by having a crush on Kelly Kelly. If you don't know the obvious, then it's Kane.

The big red machine as been on RAW's back burner for a while now. Kane is a veteran in the business, but seemed to lose steam as after he removed his mask. What a shame. Have no fear! Or fear as a matter of fact...Kane is back.

The sadistic monster was involved in the Kelly Kelly story line earlier in the year and I thought it was over for the poor has been. On RAW, he bounced back. This is probably nothing to jump OH JOY! for, but it's certainly a huge step for Kane.

The second Money In The Bank qualifying match was held on RAW last night. Like last week, it was a triple threat match. Instead  of Morrison, Miz and CM Punk, we got Kane, Mike Knox and Rey Mysterio. Kane and Knox picked on Rey the entire match.

The setting looked too familiar. Rey was being double teamed just as Punk was and Rey's miracle comeback was in full throttle. I awaited Rey's victory, which I assumed.

Mike Knox finished Rey Mysterio with a reverse DDT. I had memories of poor Jamie Noble. Kane had choke slammed Mike Knox and he was on his way to Wrestlemania 25.

Maybe some saw it coming, but I was shocked as I thought Rey Mysterio was a shoe in. I must say that I'm elated and it you all should be as well. Our big red machine as gotten an oil treatment and may be dominanting again.

Dominating like the classic Kane? Probably not, but he's on his way and is progressing.

Kane left after he choke slammed Rey and smiled. He looked at the Money In The Bank briefcase hanging and then he gave off a frightening laugh. CM punk may not be smiling now that his buddy Mysterio won't be in the match with him.

Kane has already appeared in the very first Money In The Bank and did a stellar performance for a big man since the match is made for high flyers and lightning quick wrestlers.

Just when we thought The Money In the Bank was enough, Kane was advertised on Sci-Fi channel. His movie See No Evil will be showing later this week on Saturday night on the Sci-Fi channel.

Kane will also be going to hell this week as well. Yup, he'll be on ECW, WWE's hell. Who knows what he'll do there, but it sure is nice to have the once prominent figure relevant again.

The ECW advertising and the movie showing could be a foreshadowing of sorts of Kane's RAW departure.

Hopefully Kane will get at least a slight push and won't be tossed aside again. The big red machine is still a top draw and could once again start a path of destruction.

What will become of Kane? What does 2009 have in store for him? We'll see in due time, but right now...he's bounced back from a weak start.