Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Harrison Twins Move Closer to a Decision

Nick NafpliotisCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2012

Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader reported some news today that is either very good or very bad for Calipari's recruitment of Aaron and Andrew Harrison. 

In a conversation Roberts had with their father, Aaron Harrison Sr., he claimed that his sons would not be making a third a final visit to Lexington, stating that the prior visits told him "all I need to know." This statement, combined with the fact that the twins may be attending Maryland's Midnight Madness event (also per Ben Roberts), have much of the Big Blue Nation worried that two of Calipari's top recruiting prospects for 2013 are leaning away from the Wildcats.

While that is definitely a concern, it's not time to go into panic mode just yet. For starters, the Harrison twins already attended UK's Midnight Madness event last year (and not even as an official recruiting visit). Harrison Sr. also stressed to Roberts the fact that their visit to Maryland's event was "not a done deal" and that they had not planned visits to any other schools.

If Aaron and Andrew visit Maryland, it doesn't mean that they have removed UK from their list of prospective schools; It could simply be a case of them and their parents wanting to compare the event/experience to the one they attended in Lexington the year before. I will fully admit, however, that if the twins do visit the Terps for their opening practice, the nervous sweat will begin in earnest.

And for fans of both Kentucky and Maryland that can't stand the wait to find out where the two sibling prospects will play, you may be in for some more sleepless nights. Ben Roberts tweeted this quote from Harrison Sr on the twins' self imposed October 29 decision deadline:

If they decide that they don’t want to stick to it, I don’t care.


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