The Gimmick I Don't Want To See Changed and Who Has To Change

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Faces the good guys, the superstar who loves the fans and heels the bad guys the star who always be boo in the arenas, the cheaters.

WWE has many good faces and heels good job for each superstar who could make a believe gimmick as heel or faces. I don't like to much the changes because I believe the first character you made is what you have to work and make it the best in whatever gimmick you chose. Here are wwe superstars who I think the should stay faces or heel. 


John Morrison

OK, I'm such a big fan of him because I love his character. Even when John wasn't with the WWE he wasn't change his heel character. When he try in tough enough two judges doesn't like his natural arrogant personality and now trying again in tough enough three and winning it he still as the heel who see every day.

Since six years ago Morrison has never change is character actually he is becoming more confident and cocky every year. I can't imagine he as face what he is gonna do as face? I read some article what said they want to see john as face. In my opinion, he should stay as heel and keeping his good job. 


Kofi Kingston

This guy is one of the best faces in WWE. He is good wrestler and charismatic that he make people love h him just showing his smile and his ring entrance. He is good face and I really like his character I hope he never change it. 


Rey Mysterio 

What a character he is I'm not his fan but I believed in his character is most for kids but it is working. He always try to help the other wrestlers and he can work very good in tag team matches. 



great diva champion even when we haven't seen her to much since her injured. she has a bad girl but glamorous. Her great style and ring entrance make her heel character work and we always have met her like heel. So I hope she stay heel. 


Beth Phoenix

strong, powerful she is a great female wrestler and a great heel. she beat down santino and i sure she can beat many other man. but she is a great heel and shows it every week. 



I don't think she was good ring abilities but she is a great face. Her talk is so natural, with festus, and it's like the most Innocent diva. She has been a good face, and I don't imagine she'll like being a heel. It can't work. 


And this is my list that superstar who have to change again.


Melina is my favorite diva she has great ring abilities and know how to be glamorous. but she sock as face a mean when met Melina and the bad cheater manager of MNM. He started as face and suddenly I don't understand why she turned face.

I really miss the bad Melina the girl who say what ever she wants and probed in the ring what she called herself the most dominate diva. 


Curt Hawking and Zack Rider

Now I don't know what they are. They have to turn in a great form and decide what they wanna do if heel or faces. And they have to do it quickly coz now they are jobbers and one of the worse team in WWE.