Randy Orton's Choice Will Be the WWE Championship, Simple as That

Bernice NoparatContributor IMarch 2, 2009

Randy's Choice...will be the WWE Championship.


As stated on WWE.com

Hey Hi everyone:

After I found this on WWE.com

Randy's choice

By winning the 2009 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton earned the opportunity to main event the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. But for which World Title will the Legend Killer challenge? Find out tonight on Raw at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

From the look of his on March 2 2009 on RAW,

He has the right to make a wise decision tonight?

On whether he wants to challenge Triple H for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 25

But I don't think he will challenge Edge for the World Heavyweight Title..


Because from my point of view,

A- Cena is already challenging Edge for the World Heavyweight Title

B- Randy is already feuding with Triple H,..Oh you know...But there is no way that Edge vs. Randy or Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton the ECW Title is going to happen at Wrestlemania 25....

I mean it won't make sense at all, Why would Randy want to challenge a Smackdown champion or a ECW Champion..He is a WWE Viper heel, RAW superstar....so I think it will be better for him to challenge Triple H for the WWE Championship...at Wrestlemania 25...

I got a feeling that Randy will  defeat Triple H at Wrestlemania 25 and become the new WWE Champion...with a RKO or a Legend Killer punt...I think since Randy told Triple H to ditch the Sledgehammer and settle this like a man...I am guessing that either a No-DQ match, or a Last Man Standing match for the WWE championship will happen at Wrestlemania 25...

I guess both Orton and Triple H are tied...for the Last Man Standing match....

Oh come on, Randy Orton...I know you can do it..

Seriously I hope Orton doesn't have to job or ran away or get  screwed at Wrestlemania 25...by Triple H...Oh come, it time for Triple H to pass the torch to Orton and become his prey while Orton will become his Ruthless, Devious, evil predator who will stop at nothing to beat the living hell out of Triple H...and win the match...and the WWE  Championship at Wrestlemania 25

Nah, I don't think Orton will get help from his legacy to win this match...This time, he or Triple H won't be able to say retreat....instead they will both fight..until there is one last man standing.......

But I think after Randy hit him  with a RKO , elevated DDT,Legend Killer punt.....a very vicious, Ruthless one...oh, maybe that will really knock Triple H out like a chisel....


Too scary to imagine...

Last but not least,

I just want to say:

Randy Orton for the next WWE champion...

Wrestlemania 25= Randy time to shine?....

That all.

What are your thoughts?

Slithering out