WWE Raw 3/02/09: The Good The Bad and The Ugly: HHH, Orton, HBK, Y2J

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

The Good

Opening of the show

Triple H video to King's announcement to Chirs Jericho.  A little muddled, but I give Jericho and Snuka a "Good", although if they don't give us an indication of what all this is leading to, it's going to start becoming "Ugly". 

I like how Jericho ran away, although we should have seen a coconut to the head somewhere in here.  I'd rather Jericho have an announced match than have him just recieve a stunner at WMXXV.  Probably best that they didn't give Snuka Mic time.

Triple Threat Qualifier 

Ok, I thought Rey would win.  I was wrong, and there was some very good wrestling in this match.  Even though the big guys vs. Rey get's a little old, I find that both big guys work well with him. 

I do wonder why they put Kane in the MITB.  I guess he makes a good target for one or more guys launching 20 feet from the air.

Randy Orton Chooses to Play the Game

Okay, I saw the entire thing coming, and the stipulation is kind of stupid, but I thought these two did well to freshen up this rivalry.  I liked the reference to the broken collar bone.  Orton kind of sounded like Hanibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. 

It could be interesting to see what they do with five entire weeks to go until the match.

The Bad

Women's Tag Team Match

Just can't stand women's wrestling.  I really wish they'd let Santino do something else because he is awesome.

The Ugly (which means somewhere in between)

Too many repeat videos 

I know they have they're reasons, but it is so annoying when I have to watch the same video package 2 or 3 times.

HBK Beats Koslov

This match proved why it was a good idea for Koslov not to face Taker at WMXXV.  If Shawn can't get a good match out of Koslov, then Taker can't either.  It was just plain boring. 

Koslov would have been a great heel in the 1980's, but his power stuff is just weak today.  Decent recovery with the staredown at the end of the match, but does anyone really think that HBK has a chance in "Hell" of beating Taker? 

You figure it should be entertaining.

Edge vs. Cena 

Not a good match.  Kind of boring.  Weird for King to even make such a big deal in the beginning.  I thought it would all come down to the finish and it was so rushed.  Disappointing. Big push for the Big Show at the end.  We'll see where this is going.