It's a Bird...It's a Plane...No, It's Another Mess by the New York Islanders

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It's a Bird...It's a Plane...No, It's Another Mess by the New York Islanders
Leave it for the NY Islanders to make another public relations masterpiece theater over the simple sitting of their captain for a game. Bill Guerin seems destined to not only land somewhere else, but to have a few choice opinions on how it was done. Sloppy. Dopey. And any other seven dwarfs names you can think of will apply.
The man who Snow surprised him (and everyone else) by handing him the captaincy, only two years later, is unceremoniously being dumped into a hockey limbo.
Garth's done some smooth moves as GM, don't get me wrong. But, here with Bill Guerin, they make a huge gaffe that embarrasses their reputation which is already putrid within the league, with another confusing, miscommunicated, and misguided media scrum.
It destroys any credibility within the league that has already been jackhammered by fiascoes over the last 15 years of haplessness. 
The Isles seem to lack the internal communication and mechanics to make a simple trade these days, whether the other team or not accepted the deal, into an unqualified mess. Say what things are.
Instead, we have subterfuge, as if rocket science is being developed over at Nassau Coliseum. 
If it is, then they keep shooting off their own toes. 
Look. We all want this team to do better. But, at least do the business basics with at least a touch of some professionalism? 
There have been many scratching of the heads this season by the Isles internal organization. Front and center it starts with the resignation of Chris Botta, their VP of PR, back over last summer.
Botta's resignation, whether forced or by choice, was abrupt and it domino into a cavalcade of follies and foible's over injury reports, political backstabbing, emails out to the Lighthouse project, and capped off by a load of position cuts to the business organization back about a month ago. 
The business side has been gutted and remade, and is it no wonder that every fart and fizzle stinks to high heaven?
Meanwhile, the team structure has also followed suit, and just as badly mishandled by a rookie coach, a GM who brought in certain players only to be left out in the cold as youth was served. 
Make no mistake about it...youth must be served since the first two years under Garth have been a mishmosh of partial success and partial missteps. But this year, the rebuild is all well and good, but why has everything else seemed to slam into some shortbus of clowns since?
If pulling Guerin for the game was to drive up interest in some cockamamie idea to create value when there is little to none, it might backfire with giving any league vet pause this summer to join a team who treats their leaders so shabbily.
Perception is a mighty thing, and if this happened last summer, would someone like Streit or Weight have wanted to come knowing there is a severe disconnect with the coach and vet players along with an organization and the simple steps of being a hockey club?
All it could have taken is a Brian Burkesque statement of how Guerin has done a fantastic job but their paths...the team and captain, have moved in separate directions. Instead we get some vacuum and a Isles fanbase wondering what the hell is going on.
The winner to all this is Chris Botta and also Newsday. Botta has done great work as despite a "team sponsored blogger" (as NYRewsday usually puts it)  who has stepped on some toes with the organization thanks to his desire to be as independent as he can.
He is getting much laurels and they are well-deserved. His contacts and insight has filled that space between regular bloggers, lack of mainstream media, and created a new kind of blog beat writer. Botta has changed the game, so to speak, and put himself right in that gaping hole of coverage. Maybe he knew that going out. 
While the Isles make mess after mess, Botta, along with others, clean up with insight and opinion. 
Meanwhile, for the Isles, it gets a touch bleaker as 2009's ground I reported back before Xmas, is finally admitted to by Charles be a tough do. The Isles organization are poised in some sort of limbo, on all sides, as a recession sucks the life and creates fear to those who consider the future...for themselves, the sport, and their team.
Despite some steps forward, including a very strangely abruptly called meeting for the Lighthouse Project by the Town of Hempstead, their fearlessful leader decided to take a vacation. 
Yes, Town of Hempstead head, the one the Lighthouse Project needs to work with, decided to blow them off. So as some give that some steps were positive, it was also clearly a negative landscape that those steps were taken. Many questions come to the surface.
Will Kate Murray and the Lighthouse Project continue to play political games with one another? Will the Islanders continue to make usual point of business into giant hodgepodges of embarrassment's.
Will they continue to turn off vet players, continuing to bury an already poor reputation? 
These are tough days and will be tougher still. Some right courses of action by the Isles themselves would help ease some minds. 
We still wait. 
Meanwhile word that Weight and Guerin might be packaged hits the feeders. No word, however, on Witt just yet. Witt should be far more productive on value. But will teams bite?

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