Nonito Donaire: Bad Luck? Bad Break? Or Simply the Darchinyan's Curse

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2009

In 2007 we witnessed one of the most sensational and spectacular knockout victories in recent memory, as Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire kayoed Vic "The Raging Bull" Darchinyan, then undefeated and the reigning IBF Champion of the world.

The victory was so thrilling that it received the award as "Knockout of The Year" and "Upset of The Year" from the prestigious Ring Magazine, the Bible of Boxing.

Donaire received so much publicity perhaps more than what he can handle especially here at the Philippines, where he was even given a hero's welcome, a courtesy call to the president and a legion of adoring fans who celebrated with his triumph. His rise to stardom was meteoric in any sense (much like Hollywood stars and starlets).

However team Donaire seemed to have drink too much beer and tequila, at the moment still experiencing the hangover from two years ago.

After the brilliant performance against Darchinyan ages ago, Donaire had settled for less although bad luck may have a factor on that. The bottom line remains true, he hasn't shown much since winning his precious belts.

His first defense staged in Foxwood Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut was against Luis Maldonado, a Mexican boxer who padded his record by fighting 10 win-less fighters, 22 fighters with a below 50 percent winning rate and was previously been stopped by no other than Darchinyan himself.

Donaire easily cruised on to victory as he totally outclassed Maldonado. Since that fight Donaire tried to challenge the other titleholders in the division with the intent of unifying the belts.

He called on the WBC Champion Daisuke Nato and the WBA Champion Takefumi Sakata but Japan's boxing commission do not recognize the IBF, WBO and IBO as legitimate world titles thus making such match ups improbable.

His second defense was announced to be held at Dubai against Australian Hussein Hussein but the fight had been cancelled due to the economic instability experienced in the middle east and that spells a difficult time to sell tickets and PPVs.

Donaire, the warrior that he is looked upon moving up in weight and challenging the catalyst from Mexico, Christian Mijares, considered as one of the best pure boxers pound for pound.

The proposed fight against Mijares did not push through perhaps because it lacks steam nonetheless the Donaire camp calls out Fernando Montiel, the Super-flyweight champion.

It almost looked like the deal is in the bag as Montiel seems to be willing to fight Donaire and the fight shapes up as the main undercard in the Cotto-Margarito clash but the negotiations broke down as Montiel opted to defend his title against Jose Navarro.

Frustrated of his inactivity, Donaire parted ways with his promoter Gary Shaw and signed with Top Rank, full time.

At this time rumors had spread that the Filipino Flash's next opponent would be Jorge Arce, the proud Mexican warrior. Bob Arum even announced to the media that he plans to staged the Donaire-Arce fight in Manila.

Still the fight did not push through although Arum found a replacement in Moruti Mthalane. The Donaire-Mthalane fight was originally announced to be held September of last year but it was moved to November and it negotiations were even made on terms of a force bid.

Donaire although rusty because of the long layoff convincingly won against Mthalane.

After the successful defense against an over-matched opponent logic seems to suggest that there's no way to go but move up in weight. The Donaire-Montiel bout seemed inevitable as both fighters are willing to go against each other.

Well, the sad part is Montiel is scheduled to defend his crown to someone not having the last name Donaire. As always, Arum to the rescue. He worked out a deal and announced that Donaire will defend his crown against the undefeated Mexican, Raul Martinez.

Still more disappointments occurred, the fight against Martinez was scheduled to be on Mar. 22 but it was suddenly moved to Apr. 19 and at the moment Team Donaire is in chaos.

Donaire expressed his disappointments recently and even stated his unwillingness to pursue the fight with Martinez and is now insisting a fight at Tijuana, Mexico specifically as undercard to the Julio Cesar Chavez-Luciano Leonel Cuello showdown.

It seems that bad luck is all over Donaire ironically Darchinyan, the guy whom he knocked out is now enjoying the best boxing of his life, winning against champions Dmitri Kirilov, Mijares and Arce.

Might be bad luck, bad break or simply the Vic Darchinyan's curse...