Who Will Be Under Center for the Jets Next Year?

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Jets have an open vacancy at quarterback, and no one knows who that person will be next year. The Jets have plenty of options to choose from. Here is a breakdown of all the scenarios.


1. Battle It Out

This seems like the most likely scenario right now. The Jets seem to have a lot of confidence the the QBs on the roster. Right now, it looks like it is going to come down to Ratliff or Kellen Clemens, but Erik Ainge could surprise everybody. Here is a breakdown of Ratliff, Clemens and Ainge.


Kellen Clemens

Clemens has more experience then both QBs on the roster so he seems like the favorite right now. He was drafted in 2006 out of Oregon as what seemed like a 2nd round steal. He started eight games and went 3-5. Though some of the losses and blame should go on the line as he was sacked the most times a game out of any QB. Plus Chad went 1-7 under the same line that year. Kellen has great vision and could really stretch the field.


Brett Rattlif

Right now he is second behind Kellen on the QB depth chart, but don't be surprised if he steals the No. 1 spot from Clemens.

He was an undrafted free agent last year who made everyone's jaw drop in the preseason; he had a 252-yard game against Cleveland, which is pretty good for preseason. He eventually finished third in passing yards in the preseason. Brett has proved he has great arm strength and great size. Only problem is he has yet to get any action in a regular season game. As Mel Kiper said, "He could be that diamond in the rough.”


Erik Ainge

Erik has not seen much or any action this year. He was drafted out of the fifth round by the Jets out of University of Tennessee. He is pretty good in the areas of accuracy, arm strength, and size. But lacks consistency. His rep did take a hit when he was busted for steroids in November. Who knows, he may sneak up on Clemens and Ratliff, and take the No. 1 spot.


2. Draft

Right now the Jets have not been searching for any QBs in free agency, so they might be looking for a QB in the draft. Here are two QBs that could be taken by the Jets.


Matt Stafford

If he magically falls to the Jets, I think they will draft him, but right now it does not look like it. His stock dropped when he didn't compete at the combine, however. Many teams have already addressed their QB needs in the top 10 so he might fall to the Jets, like Brady Quinn in the 2007 draft.


Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman is a QB out of K-State who has great size—he stands at 6'6'' and 250 pounds. He also has a cannon arm; don't believe me? Watch this video (keep in mind he is on the run).

It is up in the air if he will go in the first or second round, but if he does fall to the second, I would love for the Jets to trade up to get him.


3. Free Agency

Right Now it does not look like Jets are going to go for a QB in the free agency market, as they have yet to meet with anybody. But hey, you never know.

Here are a list of currently available QBs in the market: Kyle Boller; Jeff Garcia; Trent Green; Rex Grossman; Byron Leftwich; J.P. Losman; J.T. O'Sullivan; and Kurt Warner.

The only two people who I think could possibly start on the Jets is Byron Leftwich or Kurt Warner. Warner is definitely not on option, as it looks like its either Cardinals or the 49ers for him.

Right now the most likely candidate is Byron Leftwich, though there is no news of him visiting or communicating with the Jets.


4. Trade

Probably the least likely right now, but again, who knows. The Jets may be able to swap a couple of draft picks for a QB. Here are a couple of options.


Jay Cutler

Jay is a great QB and a guy you could build a franchise around. Many people have compared him to Hall of Famer John Elway. But he could be on the block soon. Jay and the Broncos are having major issues after the Broncos tried to trade Jay in a three-team trade that would have given them Matt Cassel. And now Jay wants to be traded. It may take alot, but trust me: Jay is worth it.


Derek Anderson

Derek is another great young QB. He has alot of potential, a great arm, and right now is behind Brady Quinn on the depth chart. The only problems is the Browns say he is not on the block. I think that if the deal is right the Browns will take it. It may take a 2nd—maybe even a 1st round pick—but seeing what he did in 2007, he might be worth it.


So where do you guys think we will get our starting QB next year? Tell me what you think in the comment boards!