Texas and Oklahoma Are Doomed If SEC Teams Come for 4-Star S Jamal Adams

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 11, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

2014 four-star safety Jamal Adams has Oklahoma and Texas listed as the favorites for his services, but a strong showing from an SEC school or two may completely derail the chances of Adams eventual playing on either side of the Red River Rivalry.

The allure of the SEC is always strong on elite talent, especially aggressive defenders, and according to quotes via Brian Perroni of Scout.com, Adams got a good look at what the SEC could do when Alabama squared off with Michigan at the Cowboys Classic:

“I’m taking the week off,” he said. “Last week I went to the Bama-Michigan game up here though. We were official guests of Bama but we didn’t get to talk to any of the coaches. There was some great intensity by both teams. SEC football came out pounding the ball and was just aggressive on every play.

Adams then went on to say that he hopes to get offers from a few major schools soon, including two big names from the SEC, according to Perroni's report:

“Bama is one,” he said of programs he hoped would offer him. “Oregon and LSU are two others that I’m hoping come in pretty soon as well.”

Ladies and gentleman, once again, I give you the power of SEC football.

There's little doubt that the SEC is the best conference in the nation, but at times it seems almost unfair, doesn't it?

The likes of Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Auburn keep getting better, and not only are they winning the recruits in their region, but they attract elite players from all over the country. In this instance, the SEC may be able to snag an elite defender away right from the heart of Big 12 country. (Adams is from Carrollton, Texas.)

Let's face it folks, right now the SEC just has much more to offer. The crowds are incredible, the T.V. coverage is seemingly endless, the competition is the best in the country and the chances of seeing an SEC team win the National Championship are staggering.

No offense to the Big 12, but they are a conference that many thought would become obsolete just a year ago. They shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the SEC.

And you wonder why all the best prospects in the country want to go to an SEC program?

Adams may have his heart set on either Texas or Oklahoma right now, but don't be surprised if his tone quickly changes if one of the big programs from the SEC comes calling.

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