Florida High School Streaker Uses Getaway Car in Epic Streaking Video

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 11, 2012

If streaking is an art form, this streaker just painted a masterpiece we will be talking about for years. 

Allow me to ruin the movie and throw a spoiler your way. Our masked man gets away in the end, and knowing this will only add to your enjoyment of what is the most well-planned naked run through a high school football field ever. 

Please note this video is NSFW, especially if your job has any silly policies about men's booties being shown on one's computer in the middle of the day. This video is heavily saturated in the backside of one epic streaker. So again, NSFW. 

The video (h/t SportsGrid) is taken from footage of a football game at Seminole High School in Florida, and features the most wily streaker we have ever seen. 

We can only assume that the planning for this mad caper took longer than any other streaking event in history, most likely five minutes. 

That's precisely the amount of time it takes to get a buddy on the phone and then convince them to ride your naked body away from the scene of the crime. 

Take note of the announcer who chimes in at five-second mark and states, "There is always somebody that has to do that." 

As if this is an ongoing thing at this high school, which would make sense, considering the location is deep in the heart of Florida, a hotbed for things that are weird and bizarre. 

After watching this maestro of the nude bob and weave through the field, hop two fences and enter a car on the run, I implore this high school to send out a wide search for their next running back. 

Don't just get this guy some clothes, get him a jersey and pads. 

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