ICL: Will the Dream Ever Come True?

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Cricket is undoubtedly the most famous and loved game in the subcontinent. With each team allowed only eleven players, thousands of talented kids end up retiring as talented veterans. It happened to many in the past; it is bound to happen in the future.

For every talent recognized and groomed, the opportunity cost is a few hundred talented players.

A few of the former cricketers along with a few ambitious entrepreneurs decided to offer better opportunities to those deserving players. Obviously, though they wanted to make a lot of money, they also wanted to provide Indian selectors more options. Kapil Dev always gave his best to his country.

He wanted to do the same now, in a different way though, through the ICL (Indian Cricket League). But is the ICL ‘shaping’ or ‘killing’ the dreams of those talented players???

Kapil Dev is a name that commands respect from one and all. And with Kapil as its head, the players needed no more assurance to join the league. They were to get money, games and what more a shot for a place in the national cricket team. Many promising players like Ambati Tirupathi Rayudu, Rohan Gavaskar, Dinesh Mongia joined the league.

They got many opportunities to showcase their talent and got a chance to play with experienced players like Martyn, Harris, Inzamam. Razzak, Mustaq etc.

They got a lot of exposure which would have been impossible otherwise.

Many good players like Binny, Ibraheem Khaleel among others sprung up. They have performed. They have showed that they have a lot in them. They are still getting lots of money and will get a lot more opportunities. But opportunities for what??????

While all these seem like blessings for these cricketers, one factor that negates all these benefits is that the ICL has not been recognized by the country’s cricket board. And with that the dream to represent your country, it looks like, shall always remain a dream.

With all its money, the BCCI is buying the courts. What is the BCCI gaining by banning the ICL? Or what will it lose if the ICL is recognized?

But one thing is sure; it is cricket which is at a loss.