Top 10 Coolest F1 Cars Ever

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Top 10 Coolest F1 Cars Ever
The Williams FW07D - courtesy of Williams/Sutton images

"Cool" is, of course, entirely subjective. 

Even the definition of what cool means varies.  Indeed, some people might say the Red Bull RB8 is the "coolest" F1 car of 2012 because it has a cooling duct built-in to its stepped nose...

But that is obviously not the kind of cool I'm talking about in this article.  What I'm talking about here are F1 cars that, by virtue of being different, innovative or beautiful, strike a chord in the viewer and make us say: "Wow, look at that."

Some are not beautiful, some are not innovative, but all of them have something that makes us take a second look.  These are the types of cars that make F1 fans become F1 fans, the type of cars boys have posters of on their walls when they are young. 

The main criterion here is how the cars look, but things like historical significance and craziness of design have also contributed.  The only judge is me, so feel free to disagree, agree or generally comment below.



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