WWE Night of Champions 2012: Kane and Daniel Bryan Will Win Tag Team Gold

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IMarch 28, 2017

Continuing the very absurd turn of events in the Daniel Bryan and Kane storyline, the newly formed tag team became the latest No. 1 contenders after beating the Prime Time Players on Monday’s Raw.

This pits the comedic duo up against current Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in Sunday’s pay-per-view, Night of Champions.

According to PWInsider.com (h/t WrestleZone.com), WWE wanted to have Kane and Daniel Bryan compete against each other in a singles match, but the two were later put in the tag team conversation.

This is a big change, considering that the Prime Time Players have constantly been pushed for the past couple of months as the latest and greatest tag team. 

Despite the big push the Prime Time Players have gotten, a win by Kane and Daniel Bryan will once again put the spotlight on the WWE’s deplorable tag team division. 

Even if it is a short-term fix, Kane and Daniel Bryan will make tag team wrestling important again. 

The storyline between the two can shift from their relationship to the tag titles themselves. After that, more importance will be placed on the titles, no matter who holds them.

At this point, WWE has no real storyline surrounding R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, which may already indicate that they will lose their titles at Night of Champions.

Moving a superstar to the tag team division is often the result of a lack of a singles storyline.

Now that there is a focus on Daniel Bryan and Kane, the experiment of Kofi and R-Truth may be over, which can allow both superstars to move back into singles action. This may result in Kofi Kingston getting his own push as a singles competitor. 

Kane already has tag team experience. As early as 1999, he formed a tag team with X-Pac. And when he has not been competing for a singles title, he is usually in the tag team conversation. 

Kane has won tag team gold a whopping 10 times with six different partners. Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, has had very little tag team experience in WWE, but has the technical wrestling ability to have an entertaining match in any situation. 

The Prime Time Players should not worry about being overshadowed. In fact, the move to make Kane and Bryan champions is beneficial for their careers. 

If WWE still decides on giving PTP their big push, then a victory over Bryan and Kane will be more impressive given that there will be a bigger focus on the match.