The NIT's Sleepers and Winners

Eric DormanAnalyst IMarch 16, 2008

With Florida, Virginia Tech, Dayton, Ohio State and many others getting rejected out of the NCAA Tournament. 

What teams should have been in the NCAA Tournament and what teams should have been in NIT, not the NCAA Tournament? of the teams that come to mind is Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech played a great game against North Carolina, but lost. Virginia Tech had the talent to be in the NCAA Tournament because they can play defense well, they can compete well against top ranked teams and their RPI is decent.

Since the Gators released Noah, Hortford, Green, Brewer and many others.

The Florida Gators this season have struggled to beat top ranked teams and top teams in the SEC.

With the gators adding freshmen Nick Calathes, Jay Lucas, Dan Warner, and Adam Allen.

Whats next for the gators? Well I think the Gators can win the NIT if they play like they played when they versed Tennessee.

The other question that also remains is will the gators win a national title again in a couple of years? Maybe, but the young gators will have to gel before that happens.

The Dayton Flyers are one of those teams that could have very well made it into the Tournament, but just like Virginia Tech, Florida and some others...they had the ability to, but with a couple big losses could not manage to get in.

Dayton had a great season and they had a great run in their conference tournament. I personally think they are a better team than Baylor, who got selected into the NCAA Tournament.

Dayton will win the NIT if they can beat big schools like Ohio State, Virginia Tech and others. 

Now getting to Ohio State. Ohio State lost two big contributors to their team last year, Greg Oden and Mike Conley, Jr.

None the less the Buckeyes struggled this season and just like the Gators, struggled to win big conference games.

Ohio State will play hard in the NIT, but they will lose despite all their effort.

So this year's NIT Tournament will be an exciting one, even if some of the teams in the tournament should have been selected into the NCAA Tournament.

My NIT Champion Prediction is the Florida Gators or Virginia Tech, depending on how well they play.