Tampa Bay Buccaneer Basher: Mark Barron Puts Some 'Pow' Back in Secondary

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2012

Mark Barron flies around the football field. (Photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)
Mark Barron flies around the football field. (Photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)

It didn't take long, did it?

Didn't take long to find out who the "Enforcer" is in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer secondary.

Holy John Lynch, did you see the sideline hit that Mark Barron put on Steve Smith in the second half of the 16-10 win over the stinkin' Panthers on Sunday?

It was shades of Lynch, the man who became a fan favorite, the man who made his presence known in the Tony Dungy era of the Tampa-Two defense.

Lynch told us over the summer how one NFL team asked him to evaluate the safeties coming out of college eligible for last April's draft. He was pouring through video, nothing jumped out at him. Then he got to Barron's work at Alabama.

"That's what I'm talking about," was Lynch's reaction when he watched Barron light it up in the SEC.

Didn't take Barron long to light it up in Tampa.

One of the toughest, nastiest receivers in the league is Steve Smith from Carolina. He once pummeled a teammate in practice. He's not a nice guy. Talk about attitude.

Smith met Barron up close and personal last Sunday. Smith hauled in a pass late in the game from Cam Newton and was hauling butt down the sideline, probably thinking he'd break a tackle somewhere and score.


That was Barron introducing himself to Smith.

Barron gave Smith an earful. Smith took a moment to get it back together, then pretended as if he shrugged it off. You know he'll remember that hit for a  while.

Barron is just what the doctor order for this Buccaneer secondary. Our memories are still fresh from the now-unemployed Sean Jones whiffing on tackles like Carlos Pena whiffing on 3-2 counts for the Rays. Last season, Buccaneer safeties were creme puffs, desserts to be savored by opposition receivers.

No more.

Say hello to the Barron of Bash, the Red Barron, the Pewter Punisher, the Sultan of Smash, The Enforcer, the Alabama Whamma; whatever you wish to call him.

Barron had three solos, three assists and batted away two passes Sunday, including a crucial one in the fourth quarter where he stretched out his body to deflect a Newton pass that surely looked like a completion.

Law and order restored.

And that's something this team desperately needs.


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