Arsenal FC: Power Ranking the 10 Coolest Kits in Gunners History

Charlie Melman@@charliemelmanCorrespondent IISeptember 11, 2012

Arsenal FC: Power Ranking the 10 Coolest Kits in Gunners History

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    Over their 126 years of existence, Arsenal have sported some of the world's finest kits, and keeping it classy has not been hard for the Gunners.

    With a timeless red-and-white design, despite a few planned deviations down the years, the Arsenal jersey, with its trademark cannon, has become as much an icon in football as Manchester United's red or Barcelona's red and blue.

    Sure, there have been some snafus that we would rather forget, but most of the time, Arsenal fans can wear and see their heroes wearing an article of clothing that truly makes them proud to be a supporter.

    Here are just a few of the best kits the team has ever worn.

10. 2010-11 Home

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    The beauty of this design is in its simplicity and traditional grounding. Too often, we see designers have their way with an already perfect setup, but the red shirt with white sleeves is just what it should look like.

    As soon as you lay your eyes on this strip, there's no doubting which team it belongs to, which is exactly what one wants in a kit.

9. 2010-11 Away

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    This is easily one of my favorite away kits of all time, and I'm proud to have one of these babies sitting in my closet right now.

    The design would scream class, but it's much too refined for that. Instead, it whispers its elegance into your ear with a sweet yellow base and subtle pinstripes that are not too flashy yet are still noticeable.

    With the V-neck collar and burgundy accents, this is really a wonderful jersey through and through.

8. 2002-04 Home

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    This is another great example of the clean contrast between the red abdomen and the white sleeves and shorts which have come to define Arsenal kits throughout the years.

    Of course, this stripe evokes great memories of the Invincibles in 2003 and 2004, and it's hard not to be intimidated when Thierry Henry is flying at you with this slick uniform on.

7. 1886 Home

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    I have to give props to the original and the one that got it all started 126 years ago south of the Thames.

    With a look that could accurately be described as "retro," Dial Square, as the club was known back then, sported this redcurrant look with white knickers, which was spawned by a set of kits loaned from Nottingham Forest.

    A classy kit for an eminently classy time.

6. 1978-81 Away

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    This brilliant away kit had the very unusual feature of a wide collar, which was not often seen on the Gunners uniforms until this jersey was implemented in the late 1970s.

    The yellow and blue work extremely well together and always have, and while the collar is a "love it or hate it" feature, I happen to appreciate the different element it brings to the kit.

    If the powers that be brought this one back, I would not be very unhappy.

5. 2011-12 Home

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    Some may criticize the altered crest, which was specifically designed to honor Arsenal's 125-year anniversary, but the relatively minimalistic yet effective design scores points in my book.

    The classic red-and-white sleeves are there, yet instead of adding anything major to the sleeve, Nike simply put a little strip of red down the middle, which I thought was a nice touch.

    I loved it when I saw it last season, and I'm sorry that I don't get to see Arsenal wearing it once again. Perhaps for the 225th anniversary.

4. 1988-90 Home

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    Usually, I don't appreciate fashion from any period during the 1980s, but it's hard to design a kit better than this with Adidas' trademark stripes on the sleeves.

    The red-and-white sleeves are left completely intact, which is always appreciated; the subtle striping of the chest is a nice touch; the crest is as it should be in my opinion, and the red stripes on the sleeves are surprisingly well done.

    With a couple touch-ups and sizing modifications, I would be happy to see this one return in the future.

3. 2005-06 Home

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    What an incredibly slick jersey this was, and many wish that the club would bring it back in some form today to take advantage of its truly unique look.

    The redcurrant shirt is timeless and simply wonderful, but the gold lettering is what really takes this one over the top for me.

    It's too bad that Arsenal only got to wear this kit for their last season at Highbury, because this is a look that few would grow weary of.

2. 1969-77 Away

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    This is the classic Arsenal away kit, the one that all should be modeled after, and in my opinion, one whose variant should still be worn today.

    Everything about this shirt oozes class and prestige. The yellow is attractive and commanding, while the blue accents are wonderful touches that blend perfectly with the main color.

    On top of that, the crest is just as small and perfectly designed as it should be, without any garish frills or nonsense.

    This kit was immortalized by Arsenal's famous 1971 FA Cup victory, but it would live long in the memory regardless.

1. 1969-77 Home

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    I wish I could have been alive during the 1970s, for it really was the golden age of Arsenal kits. It's not terribly difficult to see why the club didn't change the design for a full eight years; they knew they had it perfect already.

    An under-appreciated aspect of this design is that it mirrors the away jersey of the same period, swapping yellow for red and blue for white. This has everything that one would want in an Arsenal kit, and yet, it does not insist upon itself in achieving its goals.

    The crest is beautifully small, the red the perfect shade, the sleeves white with no interference from other designs, and above all, the shirt is free from sponsorship. This greatest-of-all Arsenal kits makes one long for the days of Pat Rice and Liam Brady.