WWE: Could CM Punk and Paul Heyman Be Re-Forming the Dangerous Alliance?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

Paul Heyman is a wrestling genius.

There, it’s been said. That fact has been established.

And now that he has begun an association with WWE Champion CM Punk, and still retaining the services of former champion Brock Lesnar, what is to stop Heyman from building his power by re-assembling the group he led to glory more than 20 years ago.

Is the WWE about to be taken over by the Dangerous Alliance?

While with WCW as “Paul E. Dangerously,” Heyman began a revolution shortly after Clash of the Champions in November of 1991, when he took his partnership with Rick Rude and Madusa to form the best-known incarnation of the group.

He has also led similar versions in the AWA and ECW.

As he introduced a group consisting of Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, Steve Austin, and Bobby Eaton, announcer Jim Ross could not help but notice the deck being stacked.

“You're assembling quite a line-up here Paul," said Ross.

"It's not a line-up. It's not an army. It's not a stable and it's not a family,” Heyman replied. “It's an alliance of businessmen who will bring WCW down to its knees."

I think we can agree that the WWE had something to do with the eventual crumbling of WCW, but at the time, this group did cause some serious stress in the company, preying on Sting, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat among others.

While Rude was the reigning United States champion when the group began, and Austin held the World Television title, the group also tasted gold on other occasions, most importantly when Eaton and Anderson defeated Rhodes and Steamboat for the WCW tag team titles.

The “business” side of the group is what makes it intriguing in terms of Punk and Heyman. As Brock Lesnar’s “legal advisor,” Heyman also has a loose business association with the former WWE and UFC champion.

Already on top of the wrestling world as WWE Champion, Punk needs no help in order to get his message across. But by hiring Heyman, he accomplishes the impossible.

He makes something that is already perfect, even more perfect.

Love him or hate him, Punk is pure gold on the microphone. So is Heyman.

Punk seemingly refused to compromise his values in order to stay with the company. Heyman is well-known for his run-ins with authority.

The two seem to have formed a two-man love-fest that makes some sick, but also leaves fans drooling at the prospect of what might happen next.

It goes without saying that Punk does not need Heyman to succeed. He’s done everything on his own thus far and would still be an enormous success without him. However, Heyman offers an unknown intangible that Punk cannot provide on his own. Heyman just exudes a quality that makes you believe that he will do exactly what he says he will.

And with Punk and Lesnar by his side, what stops him from doing exactly that?

Ever since they were seen together two weeks ago, fans have been left wondering what exactly Punk and Heyman were aiming at. If Punk wants to take over the wrestling world, he’s going to need some help. Rude was one of the greats, but still needed a supporting cast to elevate him to the top of the ladder.

Punk might need exactly that. Yes, he’s tasted championship glory on many occasions as a solo act. But in order to be remembered as the best in the world, and the greatest of all time, he may need one final step in order to reach that goal.

Teaming him with Lesnar would be magical, as it would provide Punk with the backup he sorely needs as a champion with a target on his back. In turn, Lesnar would benefit from having a superstar with charisma, a quality he seems to lack, to guide him in interviews and in the ring.

But the group would need more power, and in turn more members.

We all know that Punk and Lesnar are "Paul Heyman guys."

But who else in the wrestling world might be?