Most Popular Mets Police Posts From the Week

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 1, 2009

Plenty of folks enjoyed my Speculation About The Opening Day First Pitch—I mean it's fairly obvious who it should be, right?

Also popular were the suggestions for New Traditions For The New Mets Stadium—I want to add one to that list.  I want them to take the field to Meet The Mets every day, none of this techno music and C&C Music Factory nonsense.

Still popular is the question of What Does $632 Million Get You —and the answer is obstructed seats!

Between A-Rod and Ticketgate this is turning into Yankees Police some days.   Click here to see the new Yankee caps for 2009.  Here for pics of the new place.  Here for the warning the NYY's sent ticket holders.

By now you know that the First Game At C-Field is not a Mets game.

Nobody is buying into The Curse Of Bob Murphy but some enjoy The Curse of Lee Mazzilli.

Finally some shoutouts:

Fellow Mets Policeman "Cyclones Fan" got married, and played Meet the Mets at the reception.   My table debated if there was a second verse or not, apparently there is and it's exactly the same as the first.   No Curly Shuffle though, I will need to get on him about that when he returns.

Shoutout to Amazin Avenue who sent us lots of traffic this week.

Shoutout to New Stadium Insider who hustles his butt and um inspired several posts this week.

Shoutout to Mets By The Numbers who saves me tons of research.

Shoutout to Mets Geek who included us in a Guide To Mets Blogs this week.