March Madness: NCAA Tournament's Sleepers And Winners

Eric DormanAnalyst IMarch 16, 2008

With Pittsburgh winning over Georgetown in the Big East tournament, how far will they really go?

Well since Fields is back for them, I think Pittsburgh will go until they reach the Sweet Sixteen.

As for Georgetown, since Roy Hibbert is a key star for the Hoyas, then they might be able to go all the way to the Elite Eight, but I highly doubt they'll get past the Elite Eight.

Now my sleeper picks for the tournament are: Saint Josephs, Georgia, South Alabama, Butler, Baylor, and Sienna.

With Kansas winning over Texas in the Big 12 tournament, Kansas is one of those teams that can go as far as Tennessee. They are experienced in close games and they know how to knockdown free-throws when a game is on the line.

Now with North Carolina winning the ACC Championship, one of the questions that stands out in my mind is, how far can they go in the tournament?

Well, with North Carolina's RPI, their great free-throw percentage, and Tyler Hansbrough being a big benefit to them.

North Carolina in my opinion is going to be the Champs when the Tournament is all said and done.

The other teams that might win it all are maybe Kansas, Memphis, Tennessee, UCLA, and possibly Duke. 

Now, I really like the way UCLA plays the perimeter and also how they can comeback and win close games.

With Love being a key contributor to UCLA's victories and comebacks this season, the Bruins can win it all if they keep Kevin Love healthy and also keep their other stars out of foul trouble.

So basically the two teams that I have in the Championship Game are UCLA and North Carolina—if they both can stay alive against all the great top-ranked teams in the tournament.

Hopefully the next three weeks will be quite a fun and emotional time for many teams, a lot of teams will lose and others will continue their road toward becoming the Champs of College Basketball.

The one question that always remains when we enter March Madness is:

Will a top ranked team win it all, or will a team that is not favored to make it far in the tournament become the champs, like for example the Florida Gators last year?