WWE's Biggest Jokes

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

WWE is the biggest wrestling business. It have the best wrestler, the best events, and the biggest jokes. Here are my list that i think is a bad joke for wrestling fans.


Santino Marella

Somebody please tell me how is possible this men is a former two-time intercontinental champion? I haven't seen his wrestling abilities yet and the pathetic show in royal rumble was enough. yes, the man is funny (I laugh at him, not with him), but WWE has many stars who are really funny and can wrestle.

Look at Miz and Morrison, carlito and Primo, Dx, edge. I'm just tired to see the same thing in Santino every week go to ring with Beth Phoenix and be humiliated. Come on, there are so many funny segments that WWE can put out. 



That's a man acting like a three-year-old kid! When Finlay wins he dance with little kids that's so stupid we like to see wrestling not a litte "kid" laughing with a green hat. Finlay should star to go alone again and WWE stop showing Hornswoggle. 


Word Up

That's the worse program in wwe.com. I mean that's a copy segment in Snoop Dogg Father Hood. Cryme Tyme can be in this moment the worse team in WWE (I really don't know who is worse, Curt Hawking and the Woo Woo Woo Guy or Cryme Tyme) but word up really needs to be canceled and they have to train more and get better to not be beat down every week. 


Chavo Guerrero

Since he fired ban Neely ha have been becoming in Vickie Guerrero toy. he have been losing every match and he is embarrassing Guerrero last mane (R.I.P EDDIE). When he was in ecw he didn't have many appearances in the show and in my opinion, that is better than what he is showing himself now. 


tommy dreamer

Maybe no much people like my last choose but in my opinion Tommy needs to go home. he should go a year ago but here is I'm trying to win the ecw championship. In the latest months, ecw have new faces who deserves more the tittle opportunity than Tommy dreamer.

The only extreme match rules that I remember he won since 2007 was vs Colin Delaney. I don't think he deserves a push now because it doesn't fair for young WWE superstars who really deserve that push.