The Dynasty Manifesto: Shoes Are Off! Stop The Ridiculous WWE Draft Predictions

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2009

So I've been reading some WWE Draft articles around here...bad move. I've read the obvious and the ridiculous, the far fetched and the horrible, the impossible and the down right..


Clearly people seem to be "perplexed" around here, so let me clarify some things. It's very rare, as it is the first time that I'm publishing two manifesto articles in the same day.

Triple H and John Cena seem to be the biggest names being talked about. I've heard some Edge talk (I don't think so) and some HBK moving talk (Can you pass some of whatever it is that your smoking?).

I was about to hand the award over to the HBK transaction for MNM (Most Nonsensical Move), don't take the abbreviation for Miz and Morrison or Melina, Nitro, or Mercury...the first MNM. I was going to hand out the award and then someone stood up.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled.


The music stopped playing.

The bartenders closed up shop and the guest stopped mingling and became utterly silent. This guy made a bold statement. People loosened their ties and unlaced their shoes as if they were going to throw their shoes like the guy who threw his shoes at former President, George W. Bush.

I stopped the Royal Rumble from going down and awarded this guy the MNM award. Seriously, there are only about three moves that are logical as actual reasoning is behind my theories and not because someone is showing up on a card or a tour.

John Cena

The chaingang commander has skyrocketed to the top ever since his first WWE champion win at Wrestlemania 21 (sorry JBL). He has rose to the top of the WWE and is everyone's favorite hero and most hated face. "WE'VE CENA NUFF" some might say.

Nevertheless he is the biggest cash cow since Stone Cold Steve Austin. It's quite evident that he he's going to fight Edge, so he's on borrowed time. His beginning was on Smackdown and there is reason to believe that he is returning there via foreshadowing.

1) Jim Ross states that Cena hasn't been on Smackdown in about three years numerous times.

2) John Cena embraces the crowd (no surprise) and states it's been a long time since he's been on Smackdown.

3) Jim Ross is still babbling about Cena's Smackdown hiatus

4) RAW crowds have been close to worn out with Cena. Going back to Smackdown will refresh his popularity and fan base.

5) Cena's pop was almost utterly boo-less on Smackdown.

Triple H

Triple H has finally lost it. Randy Orton and the game have a long history dating back to 2003 when they were both on Evolution. Since then, they have clashed numerous times.

Orton's exile from Evolution led to a feud. DX's annoyance led to DX vs Rated-RKO (Orton & Edge). Orton feuded with Triple H at the inception of the Age of Orton and defeated him at Wrestlemania XXIV. Triple H took Orton's title. Ummm these two will be clashing again and one little Wrestlemania match isn't going to blow out the candle, so something here has to give due to the fact that they're on different shows.

1) Triple H loves RAW

2) His WIFE is on RAW

3) He returns to RAW to get Orton, but is absent on Smackdown the same week

4) Orton IS NOT going to Smackdown

5) Legacy isn't being separated, and him on RAW would better the feud since the McMahons are on RAW and it wouldn't make sense if the two fought under Vickie's rule.


The Big Red Machine is truly from hell. He's already been a part of two of the worst story lines to hit the WWE in years, the Kane/Rey angle and the Kane/Kelly Kelly angle.

He has nothing left. He's on RAW's back-burner and there is nothing left for Kane. He needs to return to hell. What is Hell in WWE terms?

Hell: Fire and Brimstone. Place where souls are punished for all eternity. ECW.

Well what do you know? Kane has a scheduled appearance on hell...umm ECW this week. This can be reasonably considered foreshadowing since ECW hasn't had a visitor sincePaul Heyman's days. This doesn't need any reasoning because we're all aware of Kane's RAW status.