Klitschko vs Charr: Bout Must Not Be the Finale to Dr. Ironfist's Career

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IISeptember 10, 2012

Feb 18, 2012; Munich, GERMANY; Vitali Klitschko celebrates after defeating Dereck Chisora in the WBC world championship heavyweight bout at the Olympic hall in Munich.  Mandatory Credit: Matthias Hangst/Witters Sport via US PRESSWIRE
Witters Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The bout between Vitali Klitschko and Manuel Charr on Saturday night was hardly an exciting one. From the very beginning, it was clear that Charr did not belong in the same ring as the boxing legend Klitschko. The aptly-named Dr. Ironfist cannot let his illustrious career end with such a whimper of a fight.

The Saturday night fight ended with a stoppage after Charr was cut by a Klitschko blow in the fourth round, and it is safe to say everyone watching was glad it was over. From the very beginning, Charr did not look like he belonged there, nor really even wanted to be there. Klitschko routed him easily, too easily in fact.

Klitschko’s boxing career has been one of great prestige and domination. His 45-2 record over his 15-year career is nothing short of spectacular, and his ability to hold onto the WBC Heavyweight title for four years and going into his 40’s is impressive as well.

So, can anyone really make the argument that this pathetic excuse for a fight should be the way that Dr. Ironfist ends his career? This is a man who has become known for giving some of the most powerful punches in the world while also being able to take some of the most powerful ones on the chin.

He holds the second best knockout-to-fight ratio (87.23%) of any champion in heavyweight boxing history behind Rocky Marciano, and he has never been knocked down or lost a decision in professional play. His career achievements put him in the ranks of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. When you look at his physical attributes, you can see why he has had such success. At 6’7” tall, Klitschko has a reach of nearly seven feet.

Not only has he had a great past career, but Klitschko has been just as dominant as he has gotten older. All of his most recent fights have been clear wins, including this recent one against Charr. Needless to say, he needs to fight one last great matchup if he is going to go out in a way that his career deserves.

But who could that opponent be? Klitschko is running for Ukrainian Parliament on Oct. 28. If he wins that race, this Charr fight will likely be how he ends his career. He is already 41 years old, and it seems unlikely that he would be able to fight while in office.

If he loses, there are a few fighters who could give us a fight worth remembering.

The best fight would be between Klitschko and the undefeated Alexander Povetkin. The Russian fighter is a bit younger than Klitschko and may not be willing to risk his record against such a tough opponent. Englishman Tyson Fury would also be an interesting matchup, especially given that he is a fair amount bigger than Klitschko. Fellow Englishman David Price would provide a similar challenge.

Whether or not any of these fights will happen cannot be known right now. It is probably all up to the citizens of Ukraine. Dr. Ironfist will always be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, but if he wants to be the greatest, he cannot let this Charr fight be his last.