Pittsburgh Pirates' Pedro Alvarez: Superstar on the horizon?

Jim SimmonsContributor IMarch 2, 2009

Pedro Alvarez, he's the next big thing.

When he is in the batters box and is hitting the ball, you know it without ever setting your eyes on him. Alvarez has that kind of pop in his bat, you know by sound.

Alvarez, The Pirates first-round draft pick (No. 2 overall) is going to be a special player.

But will he be a special player for the Bucco’s?

We’ve seen this movie unfold before. Anyone ever heard of Barry Bonds?

How about another third baseman named Aramis Ramirez? Ok, Aramis isn't even close to Bonds, but the guy is a superstar.

Moises Alou?

Brian Giles, to a lesser degree (Much).

Jason Bay is gone too.

There's more, and you know them. You have shared the pain in seeing great or very good players leave the Pirates, and continue their careers elsewhere.

The thing is, they all want to be paid, and they should. The Pirates cant, won't pay them, sometimes both.

I think we, as Pirates fans, hold back on players. There's no “Love Affair” with the big name players anymore. Some of us take to the small names and cling to them, because they have better chances of hanging around Pittsburgh for longer.

When the Pirates got Jason Bay from the Padres in the Giles deal, I said to a couple of buddies, “Man, Jason Bay is going to look great in a Yankees Uniform in a couple years". Well it turns out, it's the Red Sox uniform hes going to look good in.

Back to Alvarez.

We haven't had that kind of a swing here in Pittsburgh in a long time.

Here’s a blurb from Jennifer Langosch’s Blog

“I saw that swing, and I thought it was Willie,” Sanguillen said, referring, of course, to Willie Stargell. “It’s the same power, the same [bat] path. I’ve never seen that since Willie.” And the Sanguillen offered his prediction on Alvarez: “That kid — he’s going to be really special.”

Only time will tell if Pedro is the next Willie Stargell (There’s never going to be another Willie, God rest his soul). But as Pirate fans, do we dare fall in love with him?

Do we give him our hearts and soul, and then watch him walk away and become the next big Yankee or Red Sox free agent signing? Or watch him leave as part of the next fire sale going on in Pittsburgh?

Or Maybe, just maybe, he loves Pittsburgh and the Pirates fans and he stays here and has the career that we all think he can. He makes us forget all those that have gone on to have wonderful careers elsewhere, while just a name in the Pirates fans memory.

Are you willing to take that chance?