Washington Wizards' New Unselfish Roster Means Breakout Season for John Wall

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Mar 15, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Washington Wizards guard John Wall (2) reaches for a loose ball in front of New Orleans Hornets guard Trevor Ariza (1) during the second half at the New Orleans Arena. Washington defeated New Orleans 99-89. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE
Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

We know why John Wall was drafted with the number one pick in the 2010 NBA Draft: the kid had talent with plenty of upside. Although his career has not had the expected sky-rocketing takeoff, that's about to change next season with a revamped roster.

For the first time in Wall's short tenure with Washington, he is surrounded by great supporting talent who all understand and relish their roles. Having a balance of players that can spread the floor and attack the paint will create a balanced roster that could make some noise in the East.

For starters, enough cannot be said about how great rookie Bradley Beal will be for Washington. He's a well-rounded guard who recently had a great showing in the NBA summer league by scoring 17.6 points a game and grabbing 4.6 rebounds.

Beal is the perfect compliment to Wall to complete the Wizards' back court. He gives Wall a target who can knock down shots from deep with consistency along with handling the ball when needed.

Taking pressure off Wall will help him improve his offensive efficiency. He's never been paired with a player who could draw as much attention as Beal can. This will allow for less forced shots as well as opportunities for more assists.

Besides the newly drafted rookie, the Wizards have a fairly deep amount of players who can contribute to the advancement in Wall's career.

While Washington received Nene in a trade last season, we will finally see his full effect in his first full year for the team. He's a reliable scorer in the paint and demands more defensive attention than former Wizard JaVale McGee.





Consider the big Brazilian a comfort target for Wall. He has shot 56 percent from the field in his career and should benefit from playing with a point guard who can find him at the right times.

Having a big man who can run the floor will also help Wall play at a pace that suits him well. McGee was a great finisher on an alley-oop or dunk, but Nene can finish with either finesse or strength.

Wall likely could see a rise in his assists per game solely based on Nene. However, Washington has made some other key moves as well.

The Wizards recently brought in two expensive, yet useful trade targets that should help Wall's development. Neither Emeka Okafor or Trevor Ariza are stellar offensively, but they can be useful targets if correctly utilized.

Washington also has plenty of unselfish young players who will get better over time. Kevin Seraphin drastically improved in the post last season, while Trevor Booker continues to take advantage of inside looks.

Even the signing of athletic wingman Martell Webster could play a significant role in Washington's playoff push. He's a bust as far as draft status is concerned, but the forward can still put up some points if given the chance.



Guys like these will be vital for Wall to have a breakout season, just like he will be important for them. If Washington can ripen their chemistry early, we could see the team have their best showing in recent memory.

Wall's biggest liabilities so far in his career have been his high turnover rate and bad field goal percentage. If Washington is able to spread the production and court, these numbers will naturally fall in place.

With Derrick Rose out due to an ACL tear, that leaves an All-Star spot wide-open for a guard. Wall is due for a big year, so expect him to grab the honor on his way to taking the NBA by storm.

Better yet, this new unselfish team could have what it takes to steal a playoff spot in a top-heavy Eastern Conference.


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