John Cena vs. CM Punk Results: CM Punk Retains WWE Title Following Draw vs. Cena

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

When CM Punk managed to retain his WWE Title after a draw with John Cena at Night of Champions, the Voice of the Voiceless cemented his place in history as one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time.

Punk has held the title for 301 days, which is the ninth longest title reign in WWE history. After passing “Superstar” Billy Graham (296), Punk has his sights set on the title reigns of “Diesel” Kevin Nash (358), Hulk Hogan (364), Randy Savage (371) and John Cena (380).

Now that Punk is still WWE Champion, the likelihood that he will face The Rock at the Royal Rumble skyrockets, and the talk of how long he can go before eventually dropping it begins.

If Punk were to hold the belt until the Royal Rumble—where he likely would lose it to The Rock—he would have been the champion for 434 days the fifth longest in WWE history.

We are witnessing history in the making folks; enjoy it!


What It Means

Punk is likely not going to drop the title between now and the Royal Rumble.

Instead, he will hold the WWE hostage with his heel ways until he is the full-blown bad guy The Rock needs to be as effective as he can be upon his return.

The problem here is that this victory means three more months of CM Punk as the WWE champion. As much as we love the second-city savior, the WWE will have to create an interesting storyline to keep the fans interested.

That’s where Paul Heyman comes in handy.


What’s Next?

There are three pay-per-views before the Royal Rumble—Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series and TLC—and many fans are worried about having to keep things fresh over that time.

The good news is that The Rock will likely be back for at least a month before the Rumble; especially if he is going to win the WWE title. That feud would likely start at Survivor Series or the Raw the following Monday.

Until then, expect Punk and Cena to keep their feud alive, especially after the controversial decision at Night of Champions.

No matter what the next month or two holds for the champion it is evident that there are even bigger things on tap for Punk and that WWE is fully committed to making him one of the greatest WWE superstars ever. 


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