What 4-Star 2014 WR Shaq Davidson Would Mean for South Carolina Gamecocks

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 10, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks obviously made a great impression with 2014 4-star receiver Shaq Davidson, and now it's time to seal the deal.

According to Wes Mitchell of 247Sports, Davidson came into his visit with South Carolina without a favorite, but all of that changed afterward:

the state of South Carolina's top prospect in the 2014 class -- said Friday night in an interview that South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina and Ohio State made up his top group but he didn't have a leader.

Fresh off a visit to Columbia for the Gamecocks' home-opening win over ECU, Davidson says that has changed.

"I guess you could say South Carolina right now," Davidson told TheBigSpur.com.

One of the many keys to recruiting is being able to pull in the best players in your own state, and Davidson certainly qualifies, as he's ranked No. 1 in South Carolina by 247Sports. The stakes are even higher for SEC schools, who have to worry about the big time programs like Alabama and LSU recruiting their guys, and the Gamecocks also have to worry about in-state rival Clemson.

Needless to say, there's a lot on the line from a recruiting standpoint in the great state of South Carolina. If the Gamecocks can lock up the state's No. 1 recruit for 2014 this early, they'd be off to a great start.

What would Davidson mean for the Gamecocks from a football perspective though?

South Carolina is known for having a great running game—led by Marcus Lattimore—and that should allow them to continue to attract great running backs into the program. What the average fan often times forgets though is how important the passing game is to the success of the running game though.

We often hear about teams using the run to set up the pass, but it can be done the other way around as well. Having a speedy vertical threat at wide receiver forces defenses to honor the pass, and that's what the Gamecocks would be getting in Davidson.

He's only 6'0'', 170 pounds right now, but he's extremely athletic and has breakaway speed.

Whenever a team can establish a deep threat, defenses will think twice about bringing the safeties down into the box to help stop the run. This in turn helps the running game, which in turn will help the passing game. It's a vicious cycle for defenses, and that's how the best offenses in football keep the other team on their toes. Once an offense becomes one dimensional they become predictable, and then defenses can stop reacting and start forcing their agenda.

The Gamecocks wouldn't have to worry about teams focusing on the run if they can have a deep threat like Davidson on their offense.

He would be a huge signing for the 2014 class, and apparently that visit went well. Now it's time to seal the deal so the Gamecocks can utilize his talent in the future.

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