Phoenix Suns' Head Coach Alvin Gentry: Where Have You Been?

Avi ScherContributor IIMarch 2, 2009

Head coach Alvin Gentry has brought the happiness back to Phoenix. The Suns are running and gunning, scoring in less then seven seconds.  Looking good and playing with joy, so the question is, why wasn’t he picked to coach the team at the beginning of the season?


You can see by the work Gentry has been doing in Phoenix that he knows what he is doing, and that he knows what needs to be done.


The Suns have been scoring an average of 125 points a game and allowing the opponent to score 115 points since Gentry arrived. That is not bad at all.


Gentry has been playing almost all 12 players on the roster, giving the bench players quality minutes, which can not only help to give the starters rest but it will give them the confidence they need to come in to a game and try to change it.


This was something that was missing from the past years, coach D’Antoni played with only eight players, and when the playoffs came some of the players looked a bit washed out.


In the game against the Lakers (Suns won 118-111), we got to see the Suns playing some good defense, they moved well on the court, they switched on the pick and roll, double teamed when needed,  and got in the passing line.


Only Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol finished in double figures.


There is no doubt that the Suns need to add a big man to back up Shaq and replace the wounded Amare Stoudemire. Hopefully Gentry will get a good rebounder and shot blocker which is badly needed in Phoenix.


There is one thing I have been asking myself since the signing of Terry Porter: why did Steve Kerr pick Porter? You know your roster includes all starters and veterans, why bring in a semi-rookie coach and try to change something that was working well?


Any basketball fan or commentator would have said that sometimes only small changes are necessary to get over the hump.


If Kerr interviewed Gentry, and Gentry said that the team needs to continue as is, have the bench play more, and make some small changes, than why was Porter picked?


Because he wanted defense? Because Kerr and Porter both wanted the Suns to become the Spurs? If yes, do you think Stoudemire is Duncan? Can Stoudemire rebound like Duncan? Defend like Duncan?


Can anyone on the Suns roster defend like Bruce Bowen? Play dirty like he does? Can Steve Nash take it to the hoop like Parker? To all the above, NO.


Stoudemire can shoot, run, and dunk better than Duncan and Jason Richardson can score and shoot better than most of the Spurs can. Nash can shoot better and pass better than Parker.


As you can see nothing was said in the Suns defense's favor, because they don’t have what it takes to defend like the Spurs.


It’s too bad that the Suns gave Boris Diaw away; he would have been the perfect man coming off the bench.  


I wonder if Gentry would have let him go?


Gentry can maybe save Kerr’s job, the question is, has Server noticed all the bad moves his GM has made since he arrived?


Anyway, you can see that Gentry knows the Suns, and like I said, he knows what he is doing. Lets just hope that he can keep it up and that the players will keep on playing for him and start playing like the all-star team they are!



Go Suns!