WWE Night of Champions 2012: 6 Twists the CM Punk-John Cena Match Could Take

Nick HouserCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012: 6 Twists the CM Punk-John Cena Match Could Take

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    On Sept. 16 at WWE Night of Champions 2012, John Cena challenges CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Having fought a few times before, Cena and Punk need to pack a little extra punch—or a twist—if they hope to provide fans with a different experience.

    Like most matches, anything could happen.

    The outcome for this main event is already being heavily debated. But no matter what the destination may ultimately be, the journey can make or break this trip.

    If the face (Cena) wins cleanly or the heel (Punk) wins dirty, it won't be a twist.

    If Punk—in heel fashion—utilizes dirty tactics such as a chair, eye gouge, a foot on the ropes or some kind of simple distraction to gain a victory, it still won't be an overwhelming turn of events.

    Likewise at this point, there is speculation the Big Show will interfere.

    Even this isn't a big twist.

    However, if one of these six scenarios occurs, the WWE Championship match should have everyone chattering.

No. 6: CM Punk Wins Clean

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    CM Punk has a lot working against him at Night of Champions.

    First, he's a heel. Heel champions tend to cheat to win. For whatever reason, they never appear to be strong enough to win without some kind of shenanigans.

    If the WWE wants to continue Punk's dominance, the biggest rebuttal to John Cena's Raw rant (re: being a phony) is a clean win.

    Now, for the second obstacle.

    Punk is fighting none other than John "Super" Cena. It's doubtful that WWE would have Cena lose to Punk with no strings attached.

    Hence, it would shock.

No. 5: HHH or Vince McMahon Make Their Mark

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    Scenario No. 1: HHH may have "retired" (for now) from the ring, but the WWE Universe is well aware of his behind the scenes role with the company.

    Raw general manager AJ Lee is struggling, and Triple H could easily assume the duties.

    It makes a ton of sense to appear at Night of Champions, especially now that CM Punk has sided with Paul Heyman.

    HHH could leave his mark on the Punk-John Cena match, setting up Round Two with Brock Lesnar (a Paul Heyman client), or setting up a future feud with Punk, while Cena moves on to battle The Rock again.

    Scenario No. 2: There's no one higher in the company than Vince McMahon.

    Again, AJ is "struggling" in the GM role. McMahon is the one that gave it to her. McMahon giveth, and McMahon taketh.

    He could insert himself in this story line in opposition of Heyman trying to control his talent, being the mouth piece of Lesnar who has been a headache and Punk's lack of respect for the establishment.

    McMahon sides with his cash cow (Cena) against the detractors (Heyman, Punk and Lesnar).

No. 4: The Rock Interferes

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    The Rock will face the WWE champion for the title at Royal Rumble 2013. Who that will be exactly, no one can be sure—yet.

    It will be either John Cena or CM Punk.

    This three way can play out many different ways. Cena could win at Night of Champions, fight the Rock at Royal Rumble and lose, setting up the Rock vs. Punk at WrestleMania 29.

    Or, Punk wins at NOC and drops the belt to Rocky at Royal Rumble, setting up Cena-Rock Round 2 at WrestleMania.

    For now, it's left to destiny.

    Unless of course the Rock chooses who he wants to face by interfering on behalf of one or the other.

    If he Rock Bottoms Punk and Cena wins, the Rock and Punk can do battle earlier than the Rumble. The same goes for People's Elbowing Cena for Punk to win.

    The Rock seems like the kind of guy that chooses his own destiny, rather than waiting around for things to happen.

No. 3: Brock Lesnar Interferes

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    On the Sept. 3 edition of Monday Night Raw, we saw CM Punk get into a car driven by Paul Heyman.

    Heyman's biggest client is none other than Brock Lesnar.

    Lesnar of course, re-debuted in WWE with beef against John Cena.

    At Night of Champions 2012, CM Punk—who now appears to be a client of Heyman's—takes on Cena—who doesn't care much for Lesnar.

    See where I'm going with this?

    It'd be all too easy to have Lesnar attack Cena at NOC, allow Punk to win, then establish one of the most dominate heel factions of all time.

    There's no bigger person to start up against than John Cena.

No. 2: AJ Interferes, Secedes GM Duties to Paul Heyman

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    I am the first to admit—this is a stretch. But wouldn't it be a fascinating angle?

    AJ—once involved in a love triangle with WWE champion CM Punk—is, first, crazy. Second, she desperately craves everyone's attention. On Sept. 3, talent began walking out on her, indicating a possible necessity for a near-future change.

    A few things make sense.

    Paul Heyman as the Raw GM makes sense. AJ being relegated back to valet duties makes sense. Furthermore, being paired with Punk could work very well for both.

    Here's the setup: Cena wins the match. AJ skips to the ring with an announcement, making up some clearly terrible excuse for why Cena has not in fact won. The match restarts and Punk wins. AJ is the first in the ring to raise Punk—and Heyman's—hand.

    Fans find out later, she's given up GM duties to Heyman. The background of why can unfold over time.

No. 1: John Cena Turns Heel

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    I know, I know—it won't happen.

    But it'd be pretty crazy if it did. In fact, it would be the biggest WWE story line since CM Punk's shoot promo. It would be even bigger actually.

    The craziest possible thing that can happen is John Cena turning heel.

    Granted, the chances of this happening right after Punk turned heel just weeks ago are incredibly slim. But with speculation over Paul Heyman creating a stable and who might possibly join, there's no bigger name than John Cena.

    Can you imagine?

    It'd have to be written as Cena siding with Punk about being disrespected, but it might just work.

    Still, don't hold your breath.