Michigan Football: Grading All 22 Starters from the Air Force Game

Austin FoxCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2012

Michigan Football: Grading All 22 Starters from the Air Force Game

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    Michigan was less than impressive in their Saturday win over Air Force.

    Here's a quick look at all 22 starters, and how each of them performed.

    An "E" is a failing grade, and the worst grade a player can possibly receive.

    Did any receive an "E"? Possibly, but this is all obviously only opinions, and is sure to stir up a few debates.

QB: Denard Robinson

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    It was very refreshing to see Robinson play the way he did. He rushed for 218 yards and threw for 208.

    Robinson looked like he did back in 2010, when he was tearing up defenses week after week.

    Grade: B+

RB: Fitzgerald Toussaint

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    Toussaint's much-anticipated return was a huge disappointment. He was an absolute non-factor on Saturday, only rushing for seven yards.

    He should've received more than eight carries, but he didn't do anything with the opportunities he had. A lot of the blame needs to go on the offensive line too, though.

    Grade: E

WR: Roy Roundtree

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    It's very discouraging to see Roundtree be a non-factor for a second straight week. This offense needs him badly, but he has shown nothing the first two weeks.

    Grade: E

WR: Jeremy Gallon

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    After a 100-yard performance against Alabama, Gallon was very silent on Saturday. He did have one catch, but it would have been nice to see him have a bigger impact.

    Grade: D

WR: Devin Gardner

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    What a pleasant surprise Devin Gardner has been. I say "surprise" because I don't think many people thought he would be this good this fast.

    A 63-yard receiving day is pretty good for only his second career game at receiver.

    Grade: B+

TE: Devin Funchess

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    I don't know if Funchess technically "started" or not, but I think it's right to put him on here. Mike Kwiatkowski and A.J. Williams both saw time at tight end as well, but Funchess stole the show.

    A touchdown and 106 receiving yards is what the true freshman did on Saturday in only his second career game.

    Grade: A

LT: Taylor Lewan

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    We didn't see the penalties from Lewan like we did last week, so that was a good sign. The pass blocking was good on Saturday, but the run blocking simply needs to get much better.

    Grade: C

LG: Ricky Barnum

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    As mentioned, the offensive line needs to do a much better job run blocking.

    For Barnum, I think half the battle is staying healthy as well.

    Grade: C-

C: Elliott Mealer

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    I'll cut Mealer some slack because of the new position. It is also a pleasant surprise that we haven't seen any bad snaps yet this year.

    Grade: B

RG: Patrick Omameh

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    Patrick Omameh has been less than impressive this year. The fifth-year senior needs to start showing more, or one of the freshman could see more and more time in his place.

    Grade: D+

RT: Michael Schofield

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    Schofield is another veteran on this offensive line that is very versatile.

    The pass blocking has actually looked very good the first two weeks, but the run blocking has been a disappointment.

    That equals out to a very mediocre line.

    Grade: B

DE: Craig Roh

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    What can we say about Craig Roh? I think it's becoming clear that he's just not a very good player, but his leadership and potential play making ability at times will probably allow him to keep starting the entire year.

    Grade: D

DT: Will Campbell

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    Campbell has held his own so far this year and will need to continue to do so. Air Force's ground attack had tons of success running to the outside, but didn't experience as much going up the middle.

    Grade: B

DT/DE: Jibreel Black

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    Black makes some plays at times and disappears at others.

    His versatility makes him a crucial part of this line, though.

    Grade: C+

DE: Brennen Beyer

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    We didn't see much of Beyer in the second half because of an apparent injury.

    He is still only a true sophomore, so he is obviously still learning the position.

    Frank Clark and Mario Ojemudia saw plenty of snaps in this position as well.

    Grade: C

LB: Kenny Demens

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    What in the world is wrong with Kenny Demens? The fifth-year senior is playing the way many people feared.

    He is just too slow at times, and doesn't necessarily make the right reads or gets to the ball quick enough.

    That is why we are seeing more and more of James Ross and Joe Bolden, even in crucial situations.

    Grade: D

LB: Desmond Morgan

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    The same can be said about Morgan as was said about Demens.

    He is losing playing time because he doesn't react or read the play enough.

    He also missed a crucial tackle when Air Force was near the goal line.

    Grade: D

LB: Jake Ryan

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    Jake Ryan was chosen to wear Bennie Oosterbaan's legendary No. 47 jersey, and I'd have to say he wore it well.

    He missed some reads on Air Force's option pitches at times, but he didn't receive much help either.

    Most importantly, he made some big plays when it mattered most.

    Grade: B

CB: J.T. Floyd

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    It's hard to talk much about the secondary in a game like this, but I was very pleased with Floyd.

    He was very active in run support, and saw lots of action with the front seven basically not doing their job.

    He seemed to tackle well and wrap up every time he got the chance.

    Grade: B+

CB: Courtney Avery

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    Again, Courtney Avery technically started the game, but it was Raymon Taylor who got most of the action.

    It's kind of hard to give Avery a grade, as I don't know why he didn't see more time.

    He seemed to do alright while he was in there, though.

    Grade: B

S: Thomas Gordon

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    Again, it's kind of hard to judge the safeties against an option offense.

    The receivers were open at times, but no huge pass plays were given up, although one in particular probably should have been.

    Grade: B

S: Jordan Kovacs

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    Kovacs was active in run support as usual, and the defense needed him to be.

    He seemed to do everything he was supposed to do on Saturday.

    Grade: B+