Cody Rhodes: Where Is His Feud with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Going?

Adam NystromCorrespondent IISeptember 10, 2012

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Throughout his short career, Cody Rhodes has shown us many sides of himself. He is cocky, self-obsessed and, above all things, vain.

After parting ways with his Legacy teammates, Cody Rhodes became "dashing" and would stop in the middle of a match to make sure his face was still in perfect condition after sustaining an especially tough shot.

When Rey Mysterio broke Cody Rhodes' nose in the beginning of 2011, the world of Rhodes shattered along with the bones in his nose. Faced with sudden disfigurement, he disappeared from WWE for months until emerging with a protective mask and a bigger chip on his shoulder.

He succeeded in tearing off the mask of Mysterio with help from his father Dusty and began to demand people in attendance use paper bags to cover up their own unsightliness. Rhodes wore his protective mask until Randy Orton shattered it in a street fight in November.

Despite losing his own mask, a bit of Rhodes' obsession is coming back in the form of Mysterio and Sin Cara. After losing the Intercontinental Championship to Christian, Rhodes drifted for a couple months with no clear direction, losing the Money in the Bank ladder match and even getting himself relegated to WWE Superstars for weeks at a time.

This changed when Rhodes faced Sin Cara and suddenly found himself obsessed with the idea of unmasking the man formerly known as Mistico.

Despite losing to Sin Cara in singles matches as well as against a team with Rey Mysterio, Rhodes' unrelenting desire to reveal what he claims to be a hideously ugly face underneath Sin Cara's mask continues to motivate Rhodes.

The mask is an incredibly important part of a luchador's career, not just to himself but to Mexican culture. For one to lose their mask is the end of their existence as a character.

What we could be seeing is Rhodes' desire to end the existence of Sin Cara, revealing to his devoted fans a hideous face so grotesque and deformed that Sin Cara would have no choice but to disappear from public eye and debut with a new mask.

Rhodes' targeting of Sin Cara could also be displaced aggression. Despite unmasking Rey Mysterio, the fans (most of whom are likely not aware that Mysterio wrestled without one for some time in WCW) did not turn on Rey; on the contrary, they continued to shower him with the adoration only a "tecnico" could expect.

Mysterio, of course, has also been with WWE longer than Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes combined. He is a former WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and Tag Team champion. He holds the record for the longest amount of time in a Royal Rumble match.

Sin Cara has none of these, and if Cody Rhodes can add a second mask to his collection, Sin Cara will never be able to live up to the hype that has been made for him.

I expect Mysterio and Sin Cara to look out for each other as the only two practitioners of the lucha libre style in WWE. Cody Rhodes has shown before that he can be one of the most obsessive people on the roster, clinging not only to the greatness in his physical appearance but the lineage in his blood.

Ted DiBiase Jr. is fully healed and wrestling on house shows as a babyface, but I would not be shocked to see him realigned with Rhodes considering the landscape of WWE at the moment. Could we see a newly formed Legacy who makes it their goal to reveal the face of Sin Cara?