How Far Can Phoenix Rise Now that the Suns Are Finally Back and On a Roll?

Avi ScherContributor IIMarch 2, 2009

There are some good reasons to be optimistic, the Suns finally beat teams that they should have been beating since the beginning of the season (Bobcats, Raptors and Clippers) and got win over the best team in the league today, the Lakers.

What does this mean? Will the Suns make the playoffs? And, if they do, can they advance a round or two?

In the past two years any basketball fan could tell when the Suns were going to win, you knew that the teams that had less then .500, would go down, and the Suns fans could watch a good game and go home happy. Against the top teams, they knew that it would be a great game, going down to the wire, and that the Suns have the players to sell the deal. Of course all this gave the Suns fans and players the belief that they can take a championship.

In yesterdays win over the Lakers we sew that again, we sew a Suns team fighting, not giving up, scoring and helping on defense. Moving the ball around and looking for the miss matches, playing hard and of course running and gunning.

Coach Gentry is doing a great job in the meantime, the team is scoring more then last year, and playing with Shaq and using him in the right way.

We saw in the two losses (to Boston and to the Lakers) that when the Suns don’t come to play with the hearts that the top teams can defeat them easily. When the Suns played Boston it looked like Boston was playing against a high school team.

When the Suns feel like the team they are playing is hot, they give up very fast.

The Suns defense in the win against the Lakers was not so bad only Kobe and Gasol scored in double figures and even though Kobe scored 49 points the Suns played some good defense on him as well. The Suns were switching on the picks and doubling when need.

We all no that Stoudemire is not a good defender or rebound-er, but we did see his presence missing under the basket when the Suns lost to the Lakers and Boston.

When Nash comes back, and if he brings what the guys brought to the game against the Lakers, then the Suns will be a team to fear.

And hopefully Stoudemire will be back to start the playoffs.