BYU Football: Winners and Losers from the Week 2 Game Against Weber State

Samuel Benson@@sambbensonContributor IIISeptember 11, 2012

BYU Football: Winners and Losers from the Week 2 Game Against Weber State

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    For the second week in a row, BYU had no problem shutting out their opponents at home. Most recently, a lopsided win came against FCS squad Weber State.

    Although the 45-13 score suggests that all went well for the Cougars, there were still several players and units that didn't have a great game, not only for BYU, but for the Wildcats as well.

    Don't get me wrong, although it was a loss for WSU as a whole, some of their players had great games. Here are some of these for both teams, along with players that didn't do nearly as well.

Winner: Cody Hoffman

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    To start off our list is junior wide receiver Cody Hoffman, who after missing most of the opener, came back with a killer game on Saturday. He led all receivers on both teams with seven catches for 115 yards, all but five of those yards coming in the first half of play.

    Hoffman got the offense rolling early on, scoring the Cougars' first touchdown of the game. Although he rested for the majority of the second half, Cody Hoffman had his first real performance of the season last week and will hopefully stay sharp for the rest of the year.

Loser: Mike Hoke

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    In my preview for Saturday's game that I wrote last week, Wildcat quarterback Mike Hoke was listed as the key player for Weber State.

    To say the least, he was everything but that.

    Hoke completed 13 of his 26 passes, which wound up to be good for only 91 yards. In comparison, Riley Nelson completed only five more passes for 244 yards.

    Mike Hoke's lackluster performance could be blamed on the wide receivers, who also had less-than-stellar games, but I was expecting much more out of the senior quarterback.

Winner: All Cougar Quarterbacks

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    The performances from BYU's quarterbacks was almost night-and-day compared to those of Weber State. The Cougars played three quarterbacks—Riley Nelson, Taysom Hill and James Lark—and none of their stats could be considered bad.

    Nelson, the veteran of the group, completed 18 for 25 of his passes, for 244 yards and a touchdown in only the first half, when Hill and Lark came in to the game. Another senior, Lark, threw for one touchdown and ran for another. Although Hill didn't have a great day passing, he added two scores on his feet.

Loser: All Wildcat Receivers

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    It is not good when your receiving leader finished with only one reception.

    That was the case for Chase Nakamura, who led all Wildcat receivers off of one 39-yard catch. No. 2 on the yardage list was Jordan Clemente, who finished with 25 yards off four receptions.

    Obviously, the rushing game did most of the work for Weber. Both of the Wildcats' touchdowns came off of runs.

Winner: BYU's Defense

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    Definitely the most consistent unit on the field, the Cougar defense was spectacular against Weber State. Spencer and Preston Hadley led the squad with two sacks and nine tackles, respectively. As a whole, the D held Weber State to only 254 total yards.

    The defense has been a major part of BYU's No. 25 national ranking and is ranked 10th for points allowed (9.5). With a final overall defensive ranking of 13 last year, we could see the Cougs with a higher ranking soon.

Winner/ Loser: JD Falslev

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    The reason that JD Falslev is put here as a winner and a loser is simply because he had both an awful and great performance.

    His performance at wide receiver was lackluster, as he finished with six yards off one reception. But as a punt returner, he was stellar. Falslev returned the ball four times for 70 yards, including a long 33-yard one. The play after his best return, he lined up in the backfield and set BYU up for a touchdown with a 53-yard run.

    It's hard to explain his performance, which was both great and not. If he can find his receiving game again, the Cougars should be in for a treat.