Geoff Hangartner and Ryan Fitzpatrick Fit the Buffalo Profile

Todd MorseAnalyst IMarch 2, 2009

The big Bills news this week?  They landed Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geoff Hangartner in free agency.  Let it sink in, friends.

Are they good?  

Fitzpatrick stepped in for Carson Palmer last season, played significantly in 11 games, and threw for 1900 yards, eight touchdowns and nine interceptions.  He he helped the Bengals accumulate a 3-7-1 (tangent: Yes, they tied the Eagles.  There are no longer ties in the NHL but the there is nothing wrong with the NFL allowing a game to end in a tie!) record.  

Still, the Bills adore Edwards and Fitzpatrick is a firmly established backup who knows his role and won't rock the boat looking for a starting job.  Assuredly knows his role is to be a tutor, mentor and a friend to Trent Edwards—and he will hopefully never have to play.

Hangartner is another story.  A fifth round pick from Texas A&M, he has been the Panthers' Duke Preston (a fourth round pick from the same draft).  Hangartner was the line's inside sixth man—playing whenever a guard or center would get hurt.  In Buffalo, he is being sold as the new starting center.

Basically the same age, height and mental profile as Preston, one has to wonder if in the end, there will really be difference between the two other than the name on the jersey.

Many people are looking for the Bills to sign a flashy free agent (re: veteran) to appease the fans, but it isn't going to happen.  

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geoff Hangartner.  These aren't household names, even in Cincinnati and Carolina.  

It is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but the team has been bad for over a decade and the city, while I love it, is not a place many think of when they plan on relocating.  

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geoff Hangartner. Still sinking in?  These are the type of players the Bills have the ability to sign.  Expect more of the same.