Liverpool FC: Premier League Predictions for the Near Future

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIISeptember 9, 2012

Liverpool FC: Premier League Predictions for the Near Future

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    According to most fans out there, Liverpool have made a slow start to the season. Liverpool always seem to have slow starts. In fact, it's so frequent now that maybe Liverpool fans should redefine the slow start as the expected start.

    However, as B/R's Karl Matchett correctly states, the league hasn't ended yet. There is still time for Liverpool to make a real impact on the League this year, and with Arsenal and Manchester City out of the way already, a top-four finish is not unlikely.

    In fact, talking of Arsenal, they endured an 8-1 defeat before making the Champions League.

    So don't lose hope. Here are some predictions for the near future.

Liverpool Narrowly Defeat Sunderland

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    Liverpool fans would have been hoping that coming into their fourth game of the season, they'd have around six-to-nine points in the bag. With eight dropped already, Rodgers needs to deliver a first victory of the season.

    Sunderland represent a tough test, but should Liverpool play to their full ability, Liverpool should win by an expansive margin.

    But they probably won't play to their full ability.

    For that reason, it is more likely that Liverpool partake in a scrappy, hard-fought fixture. That being said, I expect Liverpool to get their act together against the Black Cats and win by a one-goal margin.

.. and Defeat Manchester United

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    It could all have been so different for Liverpool.

    Had they held on against Manchester City, they would have carried not only three points more, but motivation that could have led to the disposal of Arsenal—and six points in the bag. Football is a game of the smallest margins.

    That being said, Liverpool demonstrated fantastic playing ability against City and should have won. I expect Liverpool to deliver one of their traditional improved performances against top opposition.

    I think that will be enough for the Reds to emerge victorious on September 23rd.

Liverpool to Collect 8 More Points by the End of October

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    By the end of October, I expect Liverpool to be on 15 points out of a possible 30. While this seems like a slow start, it would represent an improvement, with Liverpool having picked up 15/21 points—the equivalent of five wins out of the next seven.

    It may even seem optimistic, but I can see Liverpool hitting a run of form under such pressure from fans. To accomplish such a run, Anfield would have to finally become the fortress promised, and away grounds must bear some sort of fruit.

November to See Liverpool into the Top 6

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    I think Liverpool can really hit a run of form and, should Everton, Arsenal and Tottenham falter, Liverpool may find their way back into the Top Six sooner than expected—at least temporarily.

    Should the previous prediction be correct, it's not unlikely.

Sterling to Score Before the Next 5 Games Are over

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    Sterling has been extremely impressive—arguably the best forward player of the season so far.

    His pace, vision and determination have seen him worry defenders continuously, and a goal is definitely coming before the end of September. Whether it be in the Europa League or against Manchester United, Sterling will be celebrating soon enough.

What Else?

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    Watch the video, Reds. It's fantastic.

    Being a huge Liverpool fan, I am naturally optimistic concerning Liverpool's chances of a top-four finish. It's definitley possible, and all the predictions made are predictions I will stand by.

    Some of you may disagree. If you do, comment.

    Thanks for reading.