Who Said the Denver Broncos' Offseason Would Be Boring?

Aces CasinoCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

It's Monday, March 2, 2009, and as I write this, I'm looking over my shoulder for rocks, bottles, and other foreign objects coming my way.

Reason?  The Broncos, and their tumultuous offseason. 

Now, if you're looking for a story about Jay Cutler, Josh McDaniels, and that QB trade-mess that "supposedly" happened, you're in the wrong place.  We'll need a little more time for all the "half-truths and falsehoods" to weed themselves out.  That'll happen, in due time.

Frankly, I'm here just to quickly discuss the Broncos' offseason FA acquisitions, specifically the three biggest ones—Brian Dawkins, Jabar Gaffney, and Correll Buckhalter.

My two cents?  EXCELLENT moves by Josh McDaniels and his brain-trust, and here's why...RESPECT.

I love all three of these signings, especially Dawkins.  Yeah, yeah, he's 58-years-old (actually, he's 35), and signed a five-year deal.  Forget about that right now.  He's here for two years, so Denver can buy a little time, add a quality safety to their roster, and, above all, a quality CHARACTER guy.

All three of these individuals come from character-building franchises (PHIL and NE), and, after what transpired with the Broncos after that monumental 2008 end-of-season collapse, something needed to be done, and Denver did it.


Sure, you might argue that Buckhalter can't stay healthy, that Dawkins is almost as ancient as Rodney Harrison, that Gaffney's not Randy Moss.

This all may be true.

But there's something else that, at this point in time, you can't measure...YET.

Their effect on the clubhouse, the attitude they bring to the locker room.

These three guys, and all the other players that have recently inked deals with Denver, are going to bring a winning attitude to a locker room that sorely needs it. 

These signings give "Mac" a little more stability on a roster in flux, and can offer the Broncos the ability to now pursue the best athletes available in the 2009 NFL draft, to further bolster a fairly nice roster.

Bottom line?  Nice job so far, Denver.  Now, if you can also address that simmering "Cutler explosion" that's coming when his next meeting with the GM happens, and also smooth over the latest Brandon Marshall garbage (yeah, I saw the charges were dropped.  Where there's smoke, there's fire),  there may be more kudos to come.