Will There Ever Be Room in WWE for Matt or Jeff Hardy to Return to the Company?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2012

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Every wrestler has their ups and downs, but few have had them be as public as Matt and Jeff Hardy.

The popular tag team wrestlers had incredible careers in WWE which spanned more than a decade with each winning numerous singles titles as well as tag titles.

Jeff left the WWE at the end of his contract and ended up signing with TNA while Matt stuck around for a little while before he was eventually gone as well.

When Jeff was originally going through some trouble it was Matt who seemed like the rock-solid brother who had things under control, but eventually it became clear that both brothers had demons to deal with.

These days it is evident that things have changed. Jeff is more focused in TNA and Matt has been appearing at shows and appears to be in good shape and health.

Luckily for the two brothers WWE does not dwell on past issues when considering rehiring someone, but it might hold them back a bit.

This leaves us with two questions. Is there room for Matt and Jeff Hardy to return to WWE and would they even want to?

The long schedule is one of the major reasons Jeff departed WWE at the end of his most successful run with the company and going back into that environment with a child at home might not be in the cards for him.

Matt may also be turned off to the idea of a return after how horribly he was booked in numerous instances.

When it comes to whether or not there is room on the roster, I think there is more than enough, but having them want to fill those spots is what is important.

Both men would be valuable contributors in either the singles or tag team divisions and they would return with a built-in fanbase and plenty of credibility in the business.

Matt has always been a solid worker in the ring and Jeff innovated risk-taking in WWE with his suicidal moves that often blew the roof off any venue he was in.

Even though it has not been that long since the two left WWE the environment is very different than it was when they were still in the locker room.

Now it seems as if WWE recognizes talent more than they have in the past and being a body builder no longer puts you at the front of the line for a push.

Had Jeff and Matt been born ten years later then they could have come into WWE with better chances at being top stars, but their contributions in the tag team scene would not have existed.

Even though a return for either brother seems unlikely you can never say never in the world of wrestling.

What do you think? Would the brothers ever be welcomed back in WWE?


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