Memo to Don Cherry: Get a Life

R LSenior Analyst IMarch 2, 2009

You can't seem to get through one of Don Cherry's segments without him mentioning visors, Canadians, and how much the Europeans need to learn from the North American players.

In his latest Coach's Corner, Cherry called out Alexander Ovechkin and compared his goal celebrations to that of a soccer player. Sidney Crosby doesn't seem to like the Russian's jumping and fist-pumping as well.

What a surprise.

"Act like Joe Thornton. Act like Sakic. Act like Iginla, Shanahan, Bobby Orr, Yzerman," Cherry says.

I've got news for you Don Cherry. This is the best player in the NHL, and he's the ultimate reason people fill the seats. He doesn't have to follow in anyone else's footsteps. His enthusiastic play is loved by fans worldwide.

"He's a funny guy and old guy. He likes old-fashioned hockey," said Ovechkin after scoring his NHL-high 46th goal in Washington's 6-2 loss to Florida on Sunday.

"He's not interesting to me, so he can say whatever he wants. I don't care about him," Ovechkin said.

Indeed, Ovechkin shouldn't worry about what a one-sided analyst who played one game in the National Hockey League thinks. Bruce Boudreau didn't react quite as kindly to Cherry's criticism.

"He's a friend of mine. And he's an idol of mine. I mean, I love what Don Cherry has stood for, for 30 years. I just think that even the smartest people in the world are wrong sometimes, and I just thought he was wrong," said Boudreau. "Because he doesn't know Alex like we know Alex."

Cherry continued with these comments:

"I'm going to tell you about this guy: He's got a free ride. He runs at guys, does this stuff," Cherry said. "I am predicting somebody's going to get him. And somebody's going to get him good. There's somebody out there—some big defenseman is going to be sitting in the weeds. As he cuts across center ice, somebody's going to cut him in half."

All of a sudden, Europeans who throw the body are now doing that wrong too I guess. Nothing they do will impress Cherry and his biased opinion.

So, instead of constantly calling out Europeans for their poor play, why don't you just call it like it is for a change? Today, many of the game's top players are from Europe and they are making their mark in the NHL.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say: Don Cherry, you know nothing. Please, get a life.