WWE Night of Champions: Should Kofi and Truth Remain a Tag Team If They Lose?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2012

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

WWE Night of Champions is coming up, and all of the title matches are starting to fall into place.

According to recent reports, Vince McMahon is high on the PTP and after a couple of failed attempts to gain the belts, this could finally be their chance to step up and defeat the champions.

The big question is: Should Kofi and Truth remain as a tag team if they lose the titles at NOC?

In the past we have seen singles stars paired up for a run with the tag titles only to be broken up as soon as they lose them to someone else.

It happened with Kofi and Punk, Kofi and Bourne, Jericho and Big Show, Big Show and Miz and Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, and that is just the last couple of years.

With WWE trying to make the tag team division a little more relevant, it could reason that WWE would keep Kofi and Truth together for awhile, especially if they have no singles plans for either superstar.

Kofi and Truth are both very talented performers, but they have been held back after getting pushes that seem to go nowhere several times over their WWE careers.

R-Truth was one of the best heels on Raw when he was feuding with John Cena. Where did that guy go?

While seeing him still act as if Little Jimmy is right beside him is kind of funny, but there is no denying that Truth was de-pushed for virtually no reason.

Kofi had a program with Randy Orton a while back that should have propelled him into the main event scene of WWE, but those plans fell through and he was soon back to being a mid-card superstar.

Keeping the two together makes sense for two reason; it would help WWE build the tag team division by having two credible singles stars helping out, and it would also keep Kofi and Truth from falling to the wayside completely.

If WWE were to break them up then the most logical choice would be to have Truth go heel again and attack Kofi in order to put him back in a position to really let loose with his insane gimmick.

A happy-go-lucky guy who has an imaginary friend is not going to be as appealing to viewers as an unhinged African-American wrestler who wears a confederate uniform.

Night of Champions will determine the future of Kofi and Truth for the time being, but their time as a team could be coming to a close if WWE continues its trend of breaking up tag teams out of nowhere.

What do you think? Should Kofi and Truth remain a team if they lose the belts to PTP?

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