Ranking 30 of the Most Entertaining People in Pro Wrestling

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2012

Ranking 30 of the Most Entertaining People in Pro Wrestling

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    When some fans hear the words "Sports Entertainment," they get a queasy feeling because those words led to the death of "Pro Wrestling" in their minds.

    But it is called entertainment for a reason; because we are being entertained by more than just wrestling.

    WWE and other companies will use their superstars as more than just punching bags by putting them in skits and backstage segments where they get to let loose a little and show off their humorous side.

    The recent work WWE has done with Kane and Daniel Bryan have taken two of the more serious characters of the past year and turned them into one of the best comedic pairings we have seen in years.

    Other superstars like The Rock and Triple H also benefited from being more entertaining than some of their coworkers, which is why they have stood the test of time.

    In this slideshow, I will rank 30 of the most entertaining people in all of wrestling.

30. Sting

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    Steve "Sting" Borden does not get enough credit for how entertaining he has been throughout his career the way he does for his matches.

    Sting is great on the mic and over the years, he has reinvented himself a few times to take on a whole new persona.

    During the NWO days, Sting's big thing was silence, but before that, he was a brightly-colored, outspoken superstar who had a ton of energy.

    Sting has been an integral part of TNA for many years and our hopes of seeing him end up in a WWE ring seem to dwindle with each passing year.

29. Kurt Angle

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    Kurt Angle is known for being a more straight-forward superstar, but he has had plenty of entertaining moments throughout his career.

    One of the most memorable would be the night he drove a milk truck down to the ring and sprayed everyone in the ring the same way Stone Cold had done with beer years earlier.

    Angle is as talented as anyone who as ever stepped through the ropes.

28. Undertaker

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    Sometimes less is more, right?

    The Undertaker has gone through a few character changes over the years, but his most recognizable image is that of the Dead Man.

    Over the years we have seen Undertaker go through periods where he talks quite a bit, but mostly he lets his presence do the talking for him.

    As the American Bad-Ass, he showed that he could go up against anybody on a mic, but as the Dead Man, he holds a mystique that will never be repeated.

    The odds of this gimmick working for a new superstar would be slim in today's world, but Undertaker will always be able to sell the character.

    His WrestleMania undefeated streak is one of those things that will probably never happen again, and we should be happy to be able to witness it while it happens.

27. Hulk Hogan

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    No list would be complete without Hulk Hogan.

    Hogan has always been able to entertain a crowd and he deserves inclusion, but due to his lack of really diverse material, he gets a lower ranking.

    The video I have included is a strange Japanese ad Hogan did that I found on YouTube. I have no idea what is going on in this video.

    All I know is it makes me laugh.

26. Jerry Lawler

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    Jerry Lawler has meant more to the announce table than any other wrestler who has moved to behind the mic permanently.

    His comedy style has not changed much over the years, so he tends to wear on people who have heard his shtick before, but he is undeniably witty.

    When WWE was a bit more risque, Lawler was able to really show off his comedy skills, but in the watered-down PG shows we have now, he is made to look like a repetitive jokester on occasion.

    On a side note, I wrote this before Raw where Lawler suffered his heart attack but did not have a chance to post it until today. I truly wish him the best in his recovery and am glad to see him back behind the table.

25. Goldust

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    The man who made everyone very uncomfortable in the '90s might not seem like he belongs on the list, but Dustin Runnels has had some great moments in his career.

    When he was teaming with Booker T, he began to show some comedic traits, but it was his most recent run with the company that saw him branch out with the character.

    As someone who was being used to get others over, Goldust would sometimes utilize the stuttering gimmick from his fake electrocution earlier in his career and towards the end of his run, he would be just plain humorous.

    Goldust is a very underrated talent who deserves recognition for his contributions in the ring.

24. The Iron Sheik

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    Caution: This video contains some NSFW language.

    The Iron Sheik is not known in the ring for being anything but brutal, but outside the ring he has earned a reputation for having a great sense of humor.

    With the introduction of Twitter, Sheik was able to send his jokes out into the world to be enjoyed by everyone, and we have enjoyed them thoroughly.

    Although, I get the feeling he is not the biggest fan of The Ultimate Warrior.

23. Steve Austin

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin's humor is a bit different from most wrestlers', as he always has a straight face when he is making everyone else laugh.

    His character's hard demeanor allows him to be witty without appearing foolish and when he is going toe to toe during a promo, there is usually at least one funny line from the Rattlesnake.

    Steve Austin has the kind of humor which made him appealing to Hollywood, which is why he has been consistently working on films since stepping away from the ring.

22. CM Punk

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    In the time CM Punk has been with WWE, he has done just about everything a wrestler could dream of doing.

    He has held all but one of the active titles in WWE and he has proven that people who speak their mind in WWE can get ahead.

    His ground-breaking promo on Raw helped push him to the top of WWE, but Punk had been entertaining fans long before that night.

    Whether he was showing up everyone in ECW or leading the Straight-Edge Society, CM Punk has been able to bring you in with his mic work and keep you glued to the TV with his in-ring ability.

21. William Regal

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    The brawler from Blackpool is known as one of the greatest technicians in the business, but he is also one of the wittiest.

    His promos are usually littered with humorous phrases, and the way he has allowed himself to be used in a comedic style has shown the world just how versatile he is.

    Regal is someone whose talent was never quite used the right way, but he has carved out a Hall of Fame career that will see him go down as one of the best wrestlers to never win the big one in WWE.

    Regal on commentary is usually gold, and hopefully WWE decides to put him on one of the main shows sooner than later.

20. John Cena

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    These days, Cena is not known for his humor as much as he was when he was rapping about everyone he was facing prior to the match.

    Cena took a really annoying gimmick of a white rapper and turned it into a popular character which often got laughs due to the creativity behind his insults.

    Cena will occasionally bust out the old hip-hop style, but these days he is more bland, which could be why he has seen a backlash against his character in recent years.

19/18. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn

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    The New Age Outlaws were giving great promos before they were ever a part of DX and their alliance with DX later on only served to prove how entertaining these two could be.

    From the practical jokes to the scathing promos, the NAO were one of the more memorable tag teams of the era.

    When Gunn and Road Dogg returned for the 1000th episode of Raw, it was like they had never left.

17. Zack Ryder

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    Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever used their comedic personality to get themselves over as well as Zack Ryder did.

    When he first began his YouTube series, he was looking for a way to keep his face out there while not being used on TV. Little did he know that it would propel him to be one of WWE's favorite online personalities.

    Now that the show is under the WWE umbrella, he is a little more edited, but his comedy still comes through in the episodes he makes these days and that is saying something considering he has to keep it PG.

16/15. Kane and Daniel Bryan

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    In the last few months, we have seen Kane and Bryan go from bitter rivals to being the new odd couple of WWE.

    Never in so short a time have we seen two superstars develop the type of hilarious chemistry these men have developed and never before have we seen that chemistry and humor used so well together.

    The last few weeks of anger management classes allowed Kane and Bryan to be a bit more broad in their approach and gain a whole new facet to their characters.

    Their new team could not only help the tag team division, but it could help both men become something bigger than they already are.

14. Mick Foley

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    Not only has Foley been entertaining on the mic and behind the commentary table, but he has been doing stand-up comedy recently.

    The hardcore legend is showing the world that he can do more than land on thumb-tacks by going on stage and doing one of the scariest thing of all, try to make people laugh in an intimate setting.

    The great thing about Foley was he was able to be funny as Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love or simply as Mick Foley, and all of it worked well.

    Foley is one of those people who WWE should have held on to for a position outside the ring because he has the charisma and knowledge to be very valuable.

13. Roddy Piper

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    Roddy Piper is one of those rare talents that can turn "it" on and off like a light switch.

    It didn't matter if he was a heel or a face, the main attraction or the undercard, whenever Roddy Piper had a mic in his hands, people listened.

    Roddy's legacy unfortunately includes the fact that he never won the world title, but he was able to be considered one of the greatest of all time without it, and that is something only a select few can claim.

    Piper returns every so often and when he does, he makes everyone who watches feel nostalgic.

12. Vince McMahon

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    He may not always intend to be funny, but there is something inherently hilarious about the head of WWE.

    His ridiculous strut, that deep voice, his over-the-top facial expressions all make Vince McMahon one of the most outrageous and entertaining characters of all time.

    Something as ridiculous sounding as throwing a Rascal scooter off a stage can be made entertaining by a fun-loving McMahon.

    Vince is one of those few people who never intended to get in front of the camera but ended up being amazing at it when he finally did.

11/10. Edge and Christian

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    How could anyone not find the antics of Edge and Christian to be side-splittingly funny?

    When they were still a tag team, there were few people on the business who could get on the mic and get the kind of reaction these two would get from any audience they stepped in front of.

    They may always be linked to their time in ladder matches, but Edge and Christian will go down in history as one of the funniest duos in wrestling.

    They may even challenge Shawn Michaels and Triple H when it comes to comedy, but that is another argument for another article.

9/8. Triple H and Shawn Michaels

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    Speaking of HBK and HHH, the duo who made DX the most popular letters in the alphabet cannot be ignored on this list.

    Shawn and Hunter made life for Vince McMahon a living hell and they usually made everyone else laugh until their sides hurt in the process.

    Whether it was innuendos about roosters or vandalism of McMahon's personal property, they were always funny while doing it.

    To this day, DX can come out and get any crowd riled up with just a few one-liners and quips about how they are going bald.

7. Eddie Guerrero

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    Latino Heat left a mark on this world that will never be forgotten. His entertaining personality and incredible in-ring performances earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame a long time before he passed.

    Eddie Guerrero is someone who the younger audience will only ever get to see on DVD and as someone who got to watch him live, I can tell you that it was something special.

    Eddie could go up against anyone in the business and have the best match of the night, and then he could pick up a mic and give the best promo, too.

    Eddie's family has a long history in the business, and he did the Guerrero name proud during his time.

6/5. JBL and Ron Simmons

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    The great thing about JBL and Ron Simmons is that they were entertaining as a team and by themselves.

    Ron Simmons manages to make whole arenas pop when he uses one signature word while JBL can make much longer statements which require more to find funny.

    As a team, they were hilarious in those backstage segments as the APA, but JBL really took off as a commentator.

    Whenever he was berating Michael Cole on SmackDown, I always found myself laughing at what he was saying, because it was usually what I would imagine everyone wanted to say to Cole at the time.

    JBL's recent return to the booth has been a welcome change in WWE, and it is one I will be sad to see go away eventually.

4. Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho is one of the most entertaining people to ever grab a mic and step through the ropes and that is why he ranks so high on the list.

    The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rolla has shown numerous times over the years that he has the capacity to shut down anyone he is in the ring with by using just a few catchy phrases.

    His wrestling skills got him to where he is today and his wit is what helps to keep him there.

    When it comes to entertaining a crowd, there are few who can measure up to Y2J.

3. Bobby Heenan

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    Bobby Heenan is one of the best announcers in the history of wrestling and his sense of humor and sharp tongue helped make it that way.

    Heenan was a staple behind the WCW commentary table for years and his heel persona allowed him to say funnier things about wrestlers than a babyface announcer could have.

    Heenan is one of the most respected voices in all of wrestling and his personality is what had made him so beloved.

    Whether he was a manager or a commentator, you knew you were going to get a good performance out of Bobby Heenan.

2. Ric Flair

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    There are some people who command attention with a few simple words.

    In the case of Ric Flair, there is only one word needed to get a crowd on their feet, WOOOOO!!!

    Ric Flair was never the biggest, best-built, tallest or even funniest, but dammit if he wasn't one of the most entertaining.

    The limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun made a career out of having great matches and being one of the best guys on the mic.

    To this day, the Nature Boy can still get a standing ovation with his trademark swagger and no single person is tied to specific wrestling moves more than he is.

    Whenever someone hits a chop, the crowd will scream "Wooo!" and the figure-four leglock is just as synonymous with him.

    There are few people alive who can say they have contributed to a single sport the way Ric Flair has to the sport of pro wrestling.

1. The Rock

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    When you think about the most entertaining wrestlers in the business, you have to think about The Rock.

    His silver tongue helped him to stand out during the Attitude Era as one of the greatest talkers in all of wrestling and to this day, he still commands an audience better than any current superstar.

    He can do it all and he does it with a smile on his face, with enthusiasm anyone would want to bottle and sell for a profit.

    Every time The Rock returns to WWE, we wait to see what he is going to say and every time he grabs a mic he leaves the fans wanting more, which is the true sign of a great entertainer.

Whom Do You Think Should Have Been Included?

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    Every ranking list is subjective, and there are plenty of people left off the list that others may feel deserve inclusion.

    Please share your thoughts on some of the more entertaining wrestlers you feel were left off the list and why they deserve inclusion.

    Thanks for reading. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger has had somewhat of a loose affiliation with WWE for a while, I thought I would leave you with this video of the most absurd commercial ever filmed featuring the former Governator.

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