Oklahoma's Blake Griffin Is God...

Billy Boob McNutt www.dbbsports.comContributor IMarch 2, 2009

...Or at least that’s what ESPN tells me.

Stumbling home Saturday night, "The Boob" was in the midst of his normal drunken routine. With his four microwave burritos zapped and ready to eat, Griffin was set to devour them, catch a little SportsCenter, pass out mid-show, then because of their multiple re-airings, wake up 12 hours later to catch the last half of the show.

But halfway through the second burrito, the highlights for the OU/Texas Tech game came on, and there on the tube in front of Griffin was the ESPN’s story of the night, which they quickly attempted to make the story of the year.

Was it that Pat Knight won’t make it to the end of the season as the Red Raiders head coach? No. Was it Blake Griffin’s return to action after missing two games due to a concussion? It was mentioned, but no.

The story of the night became about Blake Griffin when he launched himself over the scorer’s table to save a ball from going out of bounds. (To see the clip, click here.)

Now, was it a great play? Not really—he didn’t make the play. He was whistled out of bounds.

Was it great hustle? Absolutely.

Does "The Boob" take anything away from Blake Griffin? Absolutely not. In fact, seeing the play once helped the level of respect for the kid grow tenfold. But Griffin doesn’t need ESPN SportsCenter to shove “greatness” down the his throat like microwave burritos at 2 a.m.


They showed the play 10 times from the same angle, then after about the fifth replay, SportsCenter brass realized they were being repetitive, so what did they do to "liven" the show up?

They trotted out every chickenhead they could find to comment on the play. There was Dick Vitale, then Digger Phelps and lastly, NBA chickenhead Jalen Rose threw in his two cents.

One began to up the other. At the start, Griffin was an All-American, then he became Player of the Year, and with Rose, he became the No. 1 Draft Pick.


Little did Griffin know that with a single dive over a scorer’s table, he launched himself into the Holy Trinity of college sports. There’s the Father (Tim Tebow), and now they have their Son, Blake Griffin.

By the end of the college sports year, "The Boob" is positive they will find their Holy Ghost. 

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